How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to Spirit Airlines?

When eligible travelers enrol in TSA PreCheck ®, they get the privilege of passing through the screening process at the airport without having to wait. Not everyone can apply for TSA PreCheck®. There are some criteria that one must meet. We’ll discuss all of that here. We will also mention how to add your TSA PreCheck ® to your Spirit Airlines reservation. So let’s get started. 

What is TSA PreCheck®?

TSA PreCheck® is a traveler program that gives you the privilege of an expedited screening without waiting in long queues at the airport security checks. What’s more beneficial is that you don’t have to take off your shoes, light jackets, and belts. Your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids can also stay in your bag during the security checks. That’s a boon indeed. If you are TSA-enrolled and have kids aged 12 and below traveling with you on the same reservation, they can accompany you in the TSA PreCheck lanes. 

Who Are Eligible For TSA PreCheck®?

To be able to apply for TSA PreCheck®, you have to meet some eligibility criteria as explained below: 

  • Lawful permanent residents, US nationals, and US citizens can apply for TSA PreCheck®. 
  • Citizens belonging to partner countries enrolled in programs like SENTRY, Global Entry, and NEXUS can apply for TSA PreCheck. 
  • Canadian citizens who have a NEXUS membership can also apply for TSA PreCheck.
  • Military Members, including those employed in the US Military, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Reserve, students of US Military service academies, and so on, can apply for TSA PreCheck. To avail of the TSA benefits, military personnel don’t have to be in their uniforms. 
  • DOD Civilians can also apply for this program. 

How to Apply For TSA PreCheck®?

Applying for TSA PreCheck® isn’t a tedious task. Just follow some rules, and you’ll be sorted. 

  • Go to TSA’s official website.
  • Select an enrollment provider that best caters to your needs and even provides an enrollment center adjacent to your location. It won’t take more than five minutes to browse things online. 
  • You can pre-enroll and schedule an appointment for the offline process, but that’s optional. You may also go for the in-person visit without any prior appointment. 
  • In the in-person appointment, the provider will take your fingerprints, photograph, and verify your identity documents. Finally, he’ll take your payment and send your application for processing.
  • Your payment depends on the enrollment provider you have opted for. If you have chosen Idemia, you must pay $78, whereas Telos users must pay $85. 
  • The application takes 3-5 days to process, but sometimes, the processing period may be as long as 60 days. That’s why it’s recommended that you apply for renewal two months from the expiry date of your KTN.
  • Once you’ve received approval, you’ll get your KTN (Known Traveler Number). You have to include it in your reservation to access the TSA PreCheck lanes and avail yourself of the facilities for expedited checking. 

Any website claiming TSA registrations but not ending in gov isn’t an official website for enrolling into TSA PreCheck. First-timers cannot pay online. Offline consultation is a mandate. However, the renewal that should be done from five years since your KTN number is issued can be done online. 

How Do You Add TSA PreCheck ® To Your Spirit Airline Reservations?

If you have enrolled in TSA PreCheck, you should inform the Spirit Airlines authorities before travelling. If it’s a new reservation, you may add your KTN during booking. 

  • In the Primary Passenger details, you will find a field where you can enter your KTN (Known Traveller Number). 
  • Add your number and save the information. 
  • There’s also a Redress Number field that isn’t mandatory for TSA PreCheck. You may leave the field blank if you don’t have a Redress Number. 

If you have an existing reservation, you can add the KTN Number through My Trips on Spirit Airlines’ official website.

  •  Enter your Last Name and Confirmation code. 
  • Click Continue. You will find the Passenger Information Details. 
  • Once you find the Known Traveler Number Field, Click Add and Save Changes.
  • Fill in the Passenger Redress Number Field (if applicable). Click Add and Save Changes. 

If you have added your TSA PreCheck to your Spirit Airline reservation, your boarding pass will have the TSA PreCheck® logo on the upper left-hand corner. 

Are Children Eligible for TSA PreCheck®?

Kids aged 12 and below can accompany their guardians or parents to the TSA PreCheck lanes if they travel on the same reservation. However, the rule is slightly different for those aged 13-17. They can use the TSA lanes if their boarding pass has the TSA PreCheck logo. 

To get the logo on their boarding passes, they must travel with their parents or guardians enrolled in the TSA PreCheck programs. Otherwise, they would have to undergo the standard security screening. Adults with gate passes accompanying kids traveling alone aren’t eligible for TSA PreCheck even if they are TSA-enrolled. This is because TSA benefits don’t apply to gate passes.


TSA PreCheck makes your journey smooth and comfortable, eliminating long lines at the security check counters. However, you should keep in mind that expedited screening isn’t guaranteed to any individuals, and a lot depends on the airport’s discretion. Sometimes for security concerns even those enrolled for TSA may have to go through standard screening.

FAQsHow Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to Spirit Airlines?

Does every airport have a TSA PreCheck® facility?

TSA PreCheck has an expanded network covering around 200 airports, with over 90 airlines participating in the program.

Can you add TSA PreCheck to a flight already booked?

Yes, even if you have booked your flight, you can still add TSA PreCheck to your reservation. In the case of Spirit Airlines, you must access your travel details from the My Trips section and add your KTN number to the KTN field (mentioned above).

Can your TSA PreCheck be suspended?

Yes, your KTN may be suspended when you do not adhere to proper rules and regulations. These include inappropriate behavior with the crew or passengers on an aircraft, providing fraudulent or false documents, carrying a firearm or explosive on board, and so on. Your membership can be suspended for five years for a first-time offence and forever in case of a recurrent offence.

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