How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to EL AL Airlines?

TSA PreCheck® offers expedited screening without waiting in long queues at the airport. The best part is that you do not have to take off your shoes, belt, or light jacket during the security checks. Your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids may also remain in your bag. 

What’s more, kids aged 12 and under can accompany their parents or guardians enrolled in the TSA PreCheck® program to the TSA PreCheck® lanes if they are in the same reservation. Around 200 airports and over 90 airlines have participated in the TSA PreCheck ® program. EL AL Airlines is a new addition to the TSA PreCheck® program, which travelers can avail of at any US airport location. 

Who Can Apply For TSA PreCheck®?

TSA PreCheck® has umpteen benefits, but not everyone can apply. Let’s take a look at the criteria required for TSA PreCheck®. 

  • US citizens can apply for the TSA PreCheck®.pogram. 
  • US nationals are also eligible for this program. 
  • Canadian citizens can enroll in TSA PreCheck if they have a NEXUS membership. 
  • If you are a citizen of the partner countries enrolled in NEXUS, Global Entry, and SENTRI, you can also apply for TSA PreCheck. 
  • Members of the US Armed Forces, National Guard, Merchant Marine Academy, Naval Academy, US Coast Guard Reserves, and Air Force Academy can also participate in the TSA PreCheck® program. 

How Do You Apply for TSA PreCheck®? 

Applying for TSA PreCheck isn’t tedious when you know the proper procedure. There are some things that you need to follow: 

  1. Visit and choose an enrollment provider that best meets your needs and provides an enrollment center near your location. 
  1. Preenroll online and schedule your in-person appointment in advance. That is optional. You can also go for the offline visit without any prior appointment. 
  1. The in-person appointment is crucial. The provider takes your fingerprint and photograph and verifies your identity documents. Once that is done, your payment is taken, and the application is sent for approval. The approval duration spans 3-5 days on average or may prolong to as much as two months. That’s why renewing your application 60 days before its expiry is advisable. 
  2. The payment varies according to your enrollment centers. Idemia users must pay $78, while Telos users must pay $85. 
  1. Upon approval, you get your KTN (Known Traveler Number), which you must add to your reservation for the TSA PreCheck® logo to appear on the boarding pass. Only then will you get access to the TSA lanes. 

How to Add TSA PreCheck® To Your EL AL 

You may add your KTN to your EL AL reservation while making, updating, or even checking in at the airport. Here are the things to do: 

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on Passenger Details
  3. Add your KTN Number in the appropriate field, and Save your information.

If your boarding pass doesn’t have the TSA logo, even after adding the KTN, you must double-check your details. It could be that you haven’t entered your details correctly, like your name and date of birth, or your KTN has expired. If all the details are correct, but your TSA logo doesn’t appear, please contact TSA.


When you know thye right way to apply for a TSA PreCheck status you will be able to process your application in a hassle-free way. You have to keep in mind that TSA doesn’t guarantee expedited screening to all individuals, even if they are enrolled. A lot of it depends on the airport’s discretion.

FAQsHow Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to EL AL Airlines?

Is TSA PreCheck® applicable for kids?

Children aged 12 or below can accompany their parents or guardian who have enrolled with TSA to the TSA lanes provided they are in the same reservation. For children aged 13-17, the rule varies a little. They cannot avail expedited screening when traveling all by themselves or without a parent or guardian enrolled for TSA. 

The TSA logo will appear on their pass if the parent or guardian accompanying them is TSA enrolled.  Adults with gate passes accompanying children traveling solo, must go through standard screening even if they are TSA-enrolled. This is because TSA PreCheck facilities aren’t applicable for gate passes.

How long is your TSA PreCheck® valid?

TSA PreCheck® is valid for a span of five years.; If you wish to check thye validity of your KTN, you may visit the website. Click Check Status. Enter your name DOB, passport no. or KTN. Check your KTN status. If the curren status, expiry date and your KTN gets displayed then yu’ll know that your KTN is active.

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