How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to JetBlue?

Many people are familiar with the benefits of TSA PreCheck@. You don’t have to wait in long queues, open your light jackets, belts, or footwear, and carry your laptop and 3-1-1 liquid in your bag. What’s more interesting is that kids aged 12 and below can accompany parents or guardians in the TSA PreCheck lanes, especially if they are in the same reservation. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Who is eligible for TSA PreCheck®? How do you apply for the same and add it to your reservation? We will discuss all of it in this article. Read on to know more. 

Who Are Eligible for TSA PreCheck®?

To apply for TSA PreCheck®, here are some of the eligibility criteria: 

  • You must be a US citizen
  • You can be a US national as well 
  • You have to be a US citizen by law. 
  • You could be a citizen of the partner countries enrolled in Global Entry, SENTRY, and NEXUS. 
  • If you are a Canadian citizen and a member of NEXUS, you may also apply for TSA PreCheck®. 
  • Suppose you are employed in the National Guard, Merchant Marine Academy, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, US Coast Guard Reserves, or US Department of Defense. In that case, you are also eligible for TSA PreCheck. 

How to Apply for TSA PreCheck®?

The application process for TSA PreCheck is straightforward. Follow a few steps, and you’ll be done. Here are some things that you need to do. 

  1. Visit the official website,, and choose an enrollment provider who can help you fully meet your needs. 
  2. Select the enrollment center at the nearest location. You can even pre-enroll for the in-person appointment online. Otherwise, you may schedule your in-person visit directly sans any prior appointment. 
  3. It won’t take you more than five minutes to register online. 
  4. Then comes the offline formalities. Visit the enrollment center that you have selected. The official will take your fingerprints, photographs, and official documents. 
  5. Once all of that is done, he will collect your payment. The amount you pay depends on your choice of enrollment provider. If you have chosen Idemia, you must pay $78. If your enrollment provider is Telos, you pay $83. 
  6. With this, your application procedure comes to an end. You will have to wait for the approval process. It mostly takes 3-5 days. However, at times, it may take as long as two months. That’s why applying for renewal two months before your TSA PreCheck® expires is recommended. 
  7. After approval, you get your KTN (Known Traveler Number). This is the most vital piece of information. You must add it to your reservation so the TSA logo will appear on your boarding pass.

How to Add TSA PreCheck to Your JetBlue Reservation?

If you have booked your travel with JetBlue, add your KTN to your reservation so the TSA logo will appear on your boarding pass. You will then be permitted to use the TSA PreCheck lanes. You can save your KTN details in your JetBlue account so your TSA auto-populates whenever you book. 

How do you Add your KTN to your JetBlue Reservation after Booking?

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Visit the Manage Trips section 
  3. Enter your Last Name and Confirmation Code. 
  4. Go to Traveler Details 
  5. Select the KTN field and enter your KTN number 
  6. Click Add or Submit, and your KTN is added to the reservation. 

There may be times when you are at the airport and unable to enter your KTN while trying to log in through the JetBlue App or at the kiosk. Under such circumstances, saving your KTN in your TrueBlue account will help. When you do the same, your KTN is on the record, and you do not have to add it repeatedly each time you book with JetBlue. If you are at the airport and have trouble adding KTN to your JetBlue account, contact customer service or an agent at the airport. 

Are Kids Eligible for the TSA PreCheck®?

Children aged 12 and less can accompany their TSA-enrolled parent or guardian without any restrictions to the TSA lanes. However, they must be on the same reservation as their parent or guardian to use the facilities. 

However, the rule is different for children aged 13-17. If they travel alone or without a TSA-enrolled parent or guardian, they won’t be eligible for an expedited screening. They will have the TSA logo on their pass if they travel on the same reservation as their parent or guardian who is enrolled in the program. Adults with gate passes accompanying kids aged 13-17 traveling alone must go through standard screening. Gate passes aren’t a part of the TSA PreCheck® facilities. So, even if the accompanying parent or guardian is TSA-enrolled, they won’t be permitted to enter the TSA lanes. 


That was a brief synopsis of TSA PreCheck® and how to add it to your JetBlue reservation. Knowing the procedure in depth will save you from hassles and give you the comfort of a smooth screening process at the airport.  

You must also note that even after enrolling in TSA PreCheck®, expedited screening isn’t guaranteed for any individual. It’s sometimes at the airport’s discretion. Some travelers might be asked to remove 3-1-1 liquids and laptops from their carry-ons for security. For any questions about the TSA, contact their customer service. Any TSA website that doesn’t have gov at the end isn’t their official website.

FAQs – How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to JetBlue?

I have already checked in, but I need to make some changes. Can in uncheck-in?

Yes, you can uncheck in if you have checked in through the JetBlue website and wish to change your KTN or any other details. To do the same:
Visit the website
Enter your name/ confirmation code/ ticket number 
Choose Find Flights, Click Continue
Then opt for Travelers to be Unchecked, Cancel Check-in 
Go by the prompt, and do as directed.
You’ll be notified that you’ve been unchecked upon completing the process. 
To Rebook, go to the Manage Trips tool.
If you can’t uncheck on your own, contact the customer service. If you are at the airport and have difficulties checking in, head to the ticket counter and seek assistance. 
You cannot uncheck yourself 30 minutes prior to departure time.

Why can’t I see the TSA PreCheck logo on my boarding pass when I have added it to my reservation?

It may be that you’ve entered incorrect information. Check your name, DOB (date of birth), and KTN. Ensure that the details you enter are similar to the ones you have entered in the TSA Portal. You must even check whether your TSA enrollment, valid for five years, has expired. To correct the personal information on your JetBlue account, contact customer service. If your data is accurately entered and your enrollment hasn’t expired, contact TSA regarding your enrollment.

Can I add the KTN to the TrueBlue profile?

If you join JetBlue’s True Blue program, it helps you earn reward points. At the same time, you also get other privileges. One is that you can add your KTN to your TrueBlue account and be eligible for the TSA PreCheck logo.
Whenever you book through the TrueBlue number, your KTN is linked to your reservation. This makes you eligible for expedited screening. You must sign in to your TrueBlue account, go to Profile and Settings, scroll to Travel documents, and do what is needed.

If I have entered my TSA details for a single itinerary, will it also be eligible for other itineraries?

When you add your KTN to your JetBlue reservation, it applies to flights within that particular itinerary. If you wish the number to reflect in future reservations, add it to the TrueBlue profile. You must also sign in to your profile while booking so that the number auto-populates for your future reservations.

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