How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to United Airlines?

TSA PreCheck® is one of the most fascinating programs that would give you the privilege of an expedited security check at the airport. Not everyone can avail of this program. There are specific criteria of which we will eventually learn. However, you can enjoy the five-year benefits once your application has been approved. Once you get your KTN (Known Traveler Number), you must add it to your reservation, and you can enjoy the TSA PreCheck® benefits. 

In this article, we will learn who is eligible to apply for the program, how to apply, what its benefits are, and how to add TSA PreCheck ® to your United Airlines reservation. 

Who Can Apply for TSA PreCheck®?

As mentioned, you must fulfill some parameters to apply for the program. Here is a detailed account of who can apply for the TSA PreCheck® program:

  • US citizens
  • US nationals
  • Permanent residents by law
  • Citizens of partner countries who have enrolled in NEXUS, SENTRY, or Global Entry 
  • Members of the US armed forces
  • Individuals serving in the US Coast Guard Reserves and National Guard 

How Do You Apply for TSA PreCheck®?

Applying for the program isn’t a mammoth task when you know how to do the same. 

  • Visit to find an enrollment provider who best suits your needs. You can also pre-enroll for an in-person visit. Otherwise, you may visit the service center directly. Any website that does not end with gov isn’t the official website for TSA PreCheck®. Your online stint will take less than five minutes.

At Denver International Airport, you can enroll in TSA PreCheck ® after your security check. The approval process takes less than five minutes, and no prior appointment is needed. The IDEMIA mobile cart is near Gate B35. You can sign up for TSA PreCheck ® there.  You have to bring your photo ID and proof of being a US citizen. 

  • The next step, and the most crucial one, is the in-person visit to the enrollment center. The service provider will take your fingerprints and photograph and collect vital documents. Once that is done, he will collect the fees, either $78 or $85, depending on your chosen enrollment center. The offline visit will, on average, last less than ten minutes. When applying for the first time, you have to do it offline. Renewals can be done both offline and online. 
  • You will get your  KTN (Known Traveler Number) post approval, which you must add to your airline’s reservation to minimise airport screening time. 

As mentioned, the payment varies by enrollment center. Idemia charges $78 for a first-time appointment, while Telos charges $85. Renewal charges are $70 and $78 online and in-person at Idemia and $70 online and in-person at Telos. 

How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to United Airlines?

Good news for passengers. United Airlines has come up with the TSA PreCheck Touchless ID facility, where you needn’t display your physical ID and boarding pass at the security checkpoint or bag drop shortcut. You could check your baggage and pass security checks by scanning your face. The security checkpoint and bag drop shortcut are available at a few airports. These include: 

  • O’Hare International Airport (Chicago) – Baggage drop short cut, and security point
  • Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles) – Baggage drop short cut, and security point
  • Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey) – Baggage drop shortcut

Here are the steps to help you use the touchless ID facility on your next trip:

  1. Go to the United App. Select My United. Then go to View Profile. Click on Settings. Go to TSA PreCheck® and travel documents. Scan your passport, and also add your KTN (Known Traveler Number)
  1. The next step is to click on Opt-in. Doing so allows United Airlines to use facial scans as proof of your ID.
  1. On reaching the airport, head to the baggage drop shortcut region. There is the TSA PreCheck Touchless ID kiosk to scan your face. Once that is done, an agent will tag and take your bags.
  1. You don’t have to produce your ID at the Security Checkpoint. Scanning your face will do. 

After your facial scan, the bag drop agents will check your physical ID. Single-passenger reservation customers aged 18 and above are only eligible for this service. Passengers in wheelchairs or traveling with pets cannot use this service because it is available only in the baggage shortcut area. Passengers in wheelchairs must use the accessibility assistance area to drop their bags, while those with pets can use the additional service area. 

Some Important Tips for Travelers Regarding TSA PreCheck ®

  • Make sure that the name and DOB (date of birth) on your Trusted Traveler Program match those on your boarding pass.
  • If you have SENTRI, Global Entry, or NEXUS, your KTN is the 9-digit PASS ID. 
  • Adding the information to the Mileage Plus account saves checkout time. 

Can Kids Get the Benefit of TSA PreCheck?

Minors under 18 can use this program without being directly involved. Kids aged 12 and below can accompany a parent or guardian enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program, provided they travel on the same reservation. 

Children between 13 and 17 can access the TSA lanes if their boarding pass has the TSA PreCheck logo. They will be eligible for the logo if they are on the same reservation as their parent or guardian enrolled for TSA PreCheck®. 

If children between 13 and 17 travel alone or with a guardian or parent not enrolled in the TSA program, they cannot access the TSA PreCheck lanes. They have to go through the standard security check. In such cases, they will have to apply for an expedited screening.

The same goes for kids aged 13-17 who are not traveling on the same reservation as their parents or don’t have the logo on their boarding passes. They, too, won’t get access to the TSA PreCheck lanes. 

Another point to note is that when adults using gate passes accompany kids travelling alone, they must undergo the regular screening process. Gate passes aren’t included in the TSA PreCheck benefits, so they cannot use the facility even if enrolled on TSA.


When you enroll on TSA PreCheck®, you get to enjoy umpteen benefits. You won’t have to take off your shoe, belt, or light jacket during security check, and your laptop and travel-sized liquid may remain in your bags. You have the privilege of quickly getting through the security checks without having to wait in long lines. If you take international flights often, you may enroll for NEXUS, SENTRI, or Global Entry. Knowing the correct procedure will help you reap TSA PreCheck benefits hassle-free.


What should I do if the TSA PreCheck logo doesn’t appear on my boarding pass?

If the TSA PreCheck® tag doesn’t appear on the boarding pass despite enrolling for it, contact the airline authorities at the check-in counters. You should also check your KTN, date of birth, and the spelling of your name. It may be that the information on your boarding pass doesn’t match the TSA PreCheck details, leading to such a discrepancy. If your KTN hasn’t been renewed in five years, it will expire, and your boarding pass won’t have the TSA PreCheck® logo.

How do you add TSA PreCheck to the United ticket?

You can do that online at the United Airlines website or on their app, or you can do it at the airport kiosk. If you have a United Mileage Plus profile, log in to access your Personal Information and add your KTN.

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