How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to Alaska Airlines?

TSA PreCheck® is a boon to those who have enrolled, as it gives the privilege of expedited screening during security checks. However, not everyone is eligible for TSA PreCheck®. One must meet some eligibility criteria to enrol in this program. We will discuss those in this article. We will also mention how to add TSA PreCheck® to your Alaska Airlines reservation. Let’s get started. 

Who Is Eligible to Appy For TSA PreCheck®?

The following are the eligibility criteria for applying for a TSA PreCheck®. 

  • You have to be a US citizen, US national or permanent resident of the US by law. 
  • You are also eligible if you are a US citizen by law and a member of the partner countries enrolled in Global Entry, SENTRY, or NEXUS. 
  • Canadian citizens are also eligible for TSA PreCheck® if they are members of NEXUS.  
  • Individuals employed in the US Department of Defense, National Guard, Merchant Marine Academy, Airforce Academy, Naval Academy, and US Coastal Guard Reserves can apply for the TSA PreCheck®. 

How Do You Apply For TSA PreCheck®?

Applying for TSA PreCheck® is not a tedious task. Here are the steps to follow to enroll in this program. 

  1. Step 1 involves visiting and selecting an enrollment provider that best meets your needs. You must also ensure the provider has an enrollment center close to your location. 
  2. You can do the pre-enrollment online and schedule an appointment for your in-person visit. However, you can also go for the in-person visit without any prior appointment. The online procedure isn’t time-consuming and will take less than five minutes. 
  1. First-time applicants cannot apply online. They will have to apply at the enrollment centers. 
  2. The in-person appointment is vital. It involves collecting your photograph and fingerprints and verifying essential documents. Once that is done, the enrollment provider will collect your payment.
  3. Your payment depends on the enrollment provider you have chosen. If you have enrolled with Idemia, you have to pay $78. At the same time, those registering with Telos will have to make a total payment of $83. 
  1. Once that is done, you must wait for your application to be approved. On average, it takes 3-5 days. However, the approval process may sometimes take as long as 60 days. That’s why it is recommended that you renew around 60 days before the expiry date of your TSA PreCheck®. 
  1. After your application’s approval, you will receive your KTN (Known Traveler Number). Adding the KTN to your reservation allows you to use the TSA PreCheck facilities. 

How to Add TSA PreCheck® to Your Alaska Airline Reservation?

If you have booked a reservation with Alaskan Airlines, you must add your KTN to your reservation to avail of the benefits. If you want your KTN to be added automatically each time you book a reservation with Alaska Airlines, here’s what you must do: 

  1. Go to your Mileage Account and Sign in.
  2. You will find a drop-down in the top left corner of the Account page. Select the Profile and Settings option. 
  3. Go to the About You section and click Travel Documents. 
  4. Under Travel Documents, select Add Known Traveler Number 
  5. Type your KTN, click Add Known Traveler Number, and Submit.

Ways to Add TSA PreCheck® to An Existing Reservation?

If you have booked travel from somewhere other than Alaska Airlines under such circumstances, your KTN isn’t registered automatically to your Alaskan Airlines profile. If you have booked a trip, adding your KTN to the trip you’ve booked will ensure that the Airlines have the information. You can do the same on the Alaskan Airline Mobile app or their website. When you add it through your mobile app, 

  1. Open the App on your mobile or download it (if you haven’t)
  2. Go to the Trips section. Select your existing Trip to which you wish to add your KTN.
  3. Find the names of all passengers in that particular reservation.
  4. Click on a particular passenger’s name and find the link for TSA Numbers
  5. Type your KTN, and click on the Add Number button.

When adding KTN through the website, these are the things to do:

  1. Go to My Account Profile and sign in.
  2. Click on the My Trips section.
  3. Click on the Purchased Link 
  4. Open the reservation you wish to edit
  5. Go to Passenger Information
  6. Click on Additional Travel Info 
  7. Select the Passenger Name, and scroll to the KTN Number field.
  8. Enter the KTN, and click  Save.

If your TSA PreCheck formalities have been cleared, and you have successfully added it to your reservation, your boarding pass will have a TSA PreCheck symbol. When you go to the TSA lane, the barcode on your boarding pass will be scanned by the agent. You will then be directed to the TSA lane for an expedited screening. 

Benefits of TSA PreCheck®?

  • Enrolling on TSA PreCheck® means a smooth and convenient screening process.
  • You won’t have to remove your shoes, belts or light jackets during the screening process.
  • Your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids can remain in your bag.
  • You will not have to wait in long queues for the screening process.
  • If you are traveling with children aged 12 and below, the good news is that they can stay with you during the screening process if they are in the same reservation.

FAQsHow Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to Alaska Airlines?

How do you know if your TSA PreCheck® is active or not?

To learn about your TSA PreCheck® status, go to the TSA website. Click Check Status. Enter your name, DOB (date of birth), Passport Number, and or KTN.  Your current status and expiration date will be displayed on the website.

How do you know if your TSA PreCheck® has been added to your boarding pass?

When you add your KTN, your boarding pass will have the TSA PreCheck logo, which allows you to access the TSA PreCheck lanes.  If the logo doesn’t appear even after you have added the details, it could be that your KTN isn’t valid, or the name you’ve entered in the boarding pass doesn’t match the name on the TSA PreCheck site.

Can you add your TSA PreCheck® to your Alaska Airlines reservation after you have already booked it?

As mentioned above, you can do the same by going to the Alaska Airlines mobile app or website and follow the instructions (that I have mentioned in the above section).

Is the TSA PreCheck® covered by the Alaska Airlines card?

No, the Alaskan Airlines card doesn’t cover the TSA PreCheck facility.

Can I use the PreCheck lanes of other carriers if I am an Alaskan Airlines participant?

If you are eligible for TSA PreCheck® and entered your KTN during your reservation, you can access the PreCheck lanes of any carrier in the United States.

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