Why are Tickets to Bali so Expensive?

Bali, known for its magnificent scenic beauty, scintillating beaches, enticing foods, and much more, attracts many tourists from all over the globe each year. However, when planning a trip to Bali, you must remember the flight ticket prices, which could sometimes be sky-high. You must be wondering what makes the tickets to Bali so expensive. Right? So, let’s read on to know more.

What is the Reason for Expensive Flight Tickets to Bali?

The main reason for the fluctuating and sometimes high prices of the flights is how busy the island is at that particular time. Bali has dry and wet seasons, from April to October and November to March, respectively. When visiting Bali during the dry season, you may have to pay a high price for flight tickets. Though December is a part of the wet season, the flight tickets to Bali are pretty high since that’s the holiday season. 

In contrast, flight fares decrease during the wet season, and you’ll also get discounts on food and accommodation. After the December-January holiday rush, February marks the beginning of the off-season, with flight tickets being relatively cheap then. 

How Much Will It Cost to Visit Bali?

For those who believe that Bali is a high-priced destination and that you’ll have to save a lot to plan your visit there, I would like to say that it is a misconception. Bali isn’t over-priced. All of it depends on the duration you stay in Bali, alongside your standard of living. Plush hotels will cost more than the budget ones. Similarly, the average food cost will be low if you rely more on street foods and order less from your hotel room.

Moreover, some parts of Bali are costlier than others. For example, in South and Central Bali, Uluwatu and Ubud have luxurious resorts. Conversely, Kuta, Canggu, and Bukit in the south and Padangbai in the east have cheap accommodations and eateries to offer. So, the overall cost depends on how you live during your Bali vacation. 

What’s the Average Price to Visit Bali?

Continuing from what I already mentioned, the cost to visit Blai depends on how you prefer your vacation to be—a lavish one or perhaps budget travel, which won’t pinch your pocket and will be fun. According to data from a local tourist board, most Westerners spend an average of $3000 vacationing in Bali for around two weeks. The flight prices, however, aren’t a part of the abovementioned cost. 

You can also go for a cheaper price, half the one mentioned above, by staying in a budget hotel. 

How Much Does a Flight to Bali Cost?

As mentioned, the flight prices to Bali depend on the season in which you plan a trip. The flight rates spike during the peak season and are less during the wet seasons. Moreover, it also depends on which destination you are traveling to Bali from. Flights from the USA to Bali are costlier than those from other destinations like Australia and parts of Asia. 

On average, a return flight from Sydney or Melbourne to Bali costs $500-AUD 700. During the peak seasons, flight prices can be as low as $528. Flights from the United States to Bali may cost around $1000-$1300 on a roundtrip. The US destination from which you are traveling also impacts the price. 

What is the Cost of Other Modes of Transportation?

The cost depends on the mode of transportation you use. Having said this, I would still mention that it doesn’t cost much to commute around Bali. If you wish to hire a rental scooter, it won’t cost more than $5 to $10 each day. 

Taxis and private cars are costlier and may cost up to $50 daily. If you are looking for the cheapest modes of transportation, then the minibuses are the best options, costing $2 per hour. Now that you have an array of choices, choosing the best mode of transportation that would give you comfort and affordability isn’t a mammoth task. 

How Much Does Accommodation In Bali Cost?

It depends on the kind of accommodation you choose. A dorm or a room of a moderate budget costs less than luxury hotels. If you’ve planned to stay in a hostel’s dorm bed, the average price will be approximately $29. If you’ve planned your stay for a week, then it will be $67 on average. 

The luxury resorts are expensive, though. For example, Mulia Resort’s prices start at $400. W Bali charges $300 per night. Ayana Resort charges around $300 per night. So, it’s up to you to choose comfort, affordability, or a combination of the two. The choice is yours. It goes without saying that hotel rates will go high in the holiday season and come down in the off-season. 

What Will Be the Price Of Food in Bali?

It again depends on what you choose to eat. Street foods cost as low as $1. Meanwhile, wholesome fine dining may cost as much as $100 or more than that. If you prefer to have food in a cafe or mid-range restaurant, it won’t cost more than $15-$20 per day. The area where you’ve chosen to dine also affects the cost. For instance, a restaurant in the posh area will obviously be expensive. Food will be high-priced in the peak season, whereas in the off-seasons, you’ll get many discounts on edibles. 


Tickets to Bali are expensive, especially during peak season. However, when you plan your journey well and monitor discounts and offers, you can travel at an affordable price. Moreover, when deciding on a vacation in Bali, you must plan things judiciously to get maximum comfort at affordable prices.

FAQsWhy are Tickets to Bali so Expensive?

Is Bali an expensive location to fly to?

On average, Bali is quite an expensive location to fly to. However, the flight fare depends on the season you are traveling. During the peak season, the rates go high, whereas flight prices are relatively low during the off-season.

How far is Bali by flight from India?

The average aerial distance from India to Bali is over 5800 km. The Vistara flight from Delhi to Bali takes an average of eight hours, but the duration depends on the Indian location from which you are traveling.

Which month is the cheapest for visiting Bali?

You can visit Bali during the wet seasons, November, February, March, and April, during which you will get discounts on flight tickets, accommodation, and food. Even December and January are considered wet seasons, but many visitors go to Bali during those months since they are the holidays.

How much does a beer cost in Bali?

Local beers like Bali Hai and Bintang will be sold in small or large cans or bottles. The small cans cost $2, while the bigger cans, on average, cost $4. Cocktails will be a little more pricy, costing $8-$12. Soft drinks are cheaper at as little as $1 at stalls or in the market.

How much do you pay for a tip while visiting Bali?

Your tip amount depends on how satisfied you are with their services. Most bills include service charges, so additional tips aren’t required. However, if you still wish to show your gratitude, a tip of 10-20% of the total cost would be fine.

How much does doing activities and sightseeing in Bali cost?

It varies according to the places you visit. Each location differs in terms of entrance fees. If you visit a temple, the average cost is $1-3. Planning a full-day tour may cost anywhere between $25 and $60. Watching a dance performance may cost $15-45. A surf lesson may cost $15 in groups and $40-70 privately.

Is $1000 (AUD) enough to spend in Bali for a week’s holiday?

When you plan your trip tactfully, $1000 AUD in Bali for a week is more than enough. Bali has several digital nomads who suffice for less than $1000 AUD each week.

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