How Do I Get to Bali from the USA?

The best and most convenient way to access Bali from anywhere in the world is via flight. Bali has one airport, the Ngurah Rai International Airport, where international flights arrive and depart. The airport also houses domestic flights. 

Now, coming to the topic. If you are in the United States and wish to fly to Bali, the only option is to avail a flight. However, there aren’t any direct flights from the United States to Bali. That’s why most tourists from the US who visit the island avail themselves of one- or two-stop itineraries. Here are some of the locations from the US via which you may fly to Bali: 

  • Seattle -Bali 
  • Los Angeles -Bali 
  • San Diego -Bali 
  • Chicago – Bali 
  • Atlanta – Bali 
  • Boston – Bali 
  • San Francisco – Bali 
Destination Source Average fare (in dollars)One or two-stop 
SeattleBali $800-$900 One-stop 
Los Angeles Bali $700-$110One-stop 
San Francisco Bali $1200-$1400One-stop 
New York Bali$900 -$1000One-stop 

The flight fares given are an average estimation, subject to change. They may even vary according to the seasons (peak and off-seasons) you are visiting Bali.

FAQsHow do I get to Bali from the USA?

What is the duration of flights from the United States to Bali?

There aren’t any direct flights from the United States to Bali. They are all one or two-stops. The duration varies as per the destination. For instance, it takes around 23 hours from Seattle to Bali, 24 hours from Los Angeles to Bali, 26 hours from Chicago to Bali, and so on.

Which place in the United States is the cheapest to go to from Bali?

Traveling from the United States to Bali means covering a long distance, so it involves a lot of flight fare. Yet, among the cities in the United States, flights from Seattle and Honolulu are comparatively cheaper.

Why are tickets to Bali so expensive?

The flight tickets to Bali fluctuate depending on the season you plan to visit the island. The dry season in Bali lasts from April to October. That’s when the tourists start coming. You’ll find several visitors, mainly in July and August, and even in December and January – the holiday seasons. That’s when the flight fares rise. In the off-season, you will get flight fares at low and discounted rates.

Do you have direct flights to Bali from the United States?

No, there aren’t any direct flights from the United States to Bali. They’re primarily one-stop or two-stop flights.

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