Which Terminal is Southwest Airlines at SFO?

SFO, or San Francisco International Airport, has a total of four terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and the international terminals (with two divisions, A Gates and G Gates). Southwest started its services at San Francisco International Terminal since 2007. So, which terminal is Southwest Airlines at SFO? What services will you get at the Southwest Airlines SFO terminal as you await your flight? How are the lounges? We’ll learn about all of it in this article. So, let’s get started.

Which Terminal Will You Find Southwest Airlines at the SFO (San Francisco International Airport)?

Southwest Airlines is at Terminal 1 at the San Francisco International Airport. Initially called the South Terminal, it was renamed Harvey Milk Terminal 1 on the 25th of July 2019. Boarding Area B is part of Harvey Milk Terminal 1 and has 18 gates numbered from B6-B27. Boarding Area C was initially included in Terminal 1, but now it is not. 

Besides Southwestern Airlines, the other airlines flying from Terminal 1 include JetBlue and American Airlines. 

Coming to the name this Terminal was named after Harvey Milk, the famous American politician. He became known for being the first gay man to be elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. If you go to the Terminal 1 lobby, you will find exhibits on Harvey Milk’s life. 

What Facilities are Available At SFO’s Terminal 1?

When waiting at the airport, you will surely wish for amenities and facilities at the terminal from where your arrival and departure are scheduled. So, let’s look at the facilities available at Southwest Airlines SFO Terminal. 

  • Animal relief area—The animal relief zones at the SFO airport are landscaped, fully fenced, and open 24 hours a day. 
  • Device charging stations—You’ll be relieved to know that your device won’t run out of charge when you wait for your flight at Terminal 1. There are several spots to charge your portable device, and Terminal 1 has 125 outlets for charging devices. 
  • Kid’s spot –  When you have children traveling along, you’ll want to know about the entertainment facilities the terminal provides to keep the kids hooked and engaged. SFO’s Terminal 1 has numerous kid spots to keep your little ones engaged and delighted. One of the two kids’ spots is an interactive play zone where your children can have a whale of a time before their journey. “Another kids’ spot that children ought not to miss is the Tree Town, which houses a fascinating Oak Tree. Interestingly, the structure developed from a decayed oak tree that went through the natural process of withering. It was then refinished and carved to create its present form, a delight to kids. 
  • ATMS – The facility has several ATMs to help you when you run out of cash.
  • Nursing facilities—Every terminal has a nursing station and a lactation room, and Terminal 1 isn’t an exception. SFO has six lactation pods, one of which is located in Terminal 1, for mothers traveling with infants. 
  • Water bottle refill stations – You’ll find them in all the terminals at the SFO Airport. 
  • Companion care restrooms – Companion care restrooms help caregivers and parents cater to the bathroom requirements of older children or teens with limited mobility. Harvey Milk Terminal 1 has companion care restrooms equipped with adult changing tables. 
  • Wheelchair assistance facilities – To make a reservation, passengers can contact their airline or request it online.
  • TDD (Telecommunication for the Deaf) phones are available at Terminal 1
  • Shopping outlets – If you are looking for good shopping opportunities while waiting at SFO’s Terminal 1, you won’t be disappointed. There are stores like Mills Cargo where you will get everyday essentials, souvenirs, apparel, accessories, and much more. At Skyline News + Gifts, you’ll get magazines, souvenirs, books, etc. 

There are other shopping outlets in addition to the ones I mentioned. If you arrive early at the terminal or if your flight is delayed, you could keep yourself engaged by touring the shopping outlets. 

How are the Lounges at Terminal 1?

When at the airport awaiting your flight, the lounge is your ultimate go-to. Here, you can relax as you charge your phones. You may even gorge on some snacks and enjoy a drink. Upscale lounges give you the privileges of a la carte dining, spa, and even shower facilities. So, if your Southwest Airlines flight is scheduled at Terminal 1, you’ll be keen to know about the lounge facilities. Right? 

The prominent lounges at Terminal 1 are the American Airlines Admiral Club and the USO Lounge. The Admiral Club lounge is at the B 13 gate, Level 2. The USO Lounge, located at the mezzanine level of Terminal 1, is reserved for members of the armed forces and their families. It is open Sunday through Saturday. 

Does the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 At SFO Have Wi-Fi access?

Waiting at the airport for long hours could be monotonous. Accessing the web while waiting at the airport may bring relief. Free Wi-Fi access at the terminals is a bonus. All terminals at the SFO airport have free wi-fi services. To connect to the free wifi, here are some of the steps to follow: 

  • Select the network name #SFO FREE WIFI
  • Launch your browser
  • Before accessing the wi-fi, accept the terms and conditions. 

Southwest Airlines’ Departure Details at Harvey Milk Terminal 1 SFO Airport

Southwest Airlines offers flights from San Francisco to various locations across the USA, such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, etc. To learn more about the arrival and departure details, visit the official website.


That was about Harvey Milk Terminal 1, where your Southwest Airlines flight departs. Make the most of your time at the terminal by shopping, sightseeing, and touring. The fully furnished terminal cost a whopping 2.5 billion to construct. Harvey Milk Termina 1 received the Climate Action Award and several other wards for exemplary services. With its top-class facilities, you will have a fulfilling experience at the terminal as you await your flight.

FAQsWhich Terminal is Southwest Airlines at SFO?

Does Terminal 2 at SFO house domestic or international flights?

Terminal 2 at SFO is for domestic flights, alongside Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Initially, Terminal 2 housed international flights. However, this ended in 2000 after SFO’s international terminal commenced operation.

Can you travel from Terminal 1 to the International terminal at SFO?

You can go walking from Terminal 1 to the International Terminal A Gate through the connector walkway connecting both gate areas.

Which airlines depart from SFO’s Terminal 3?

United Airlines accesses the Terminal 3 of San Francisco Airport. However, the terminal is meant for domestic flights only.

Can terminals at SFO be changed without exiting the security?

Yes, you can connect to some terminals at SFO without having to exit and re-enter security. International Terminal A and Terminal 1 have post-security connectors for commuting.

When do you arrive at the SFO to board an international flight?

To board an international flight, you must arrive three hours before departure. For a domestic flight, it’s two hours before departure.

How long does it take from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 at SFO?

To travel from Terminal 1 – Terminal 3, you must walk for about 10 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you may also take an Air Train.

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