What Airport is Southwest Airlines at in New York?

According to the October 2023 records, Southwest Airlines has flights to approximately 121 destinations, including various US cities, including New York. So, you must be keen to know which airport Southwest Airlines flies to in New York. Right? Here is the answer. Read on to know more. 

Which Airport in New York Does Southwest Airlines Fly to?

Southwest Airlines serves the LaGuardia (LGA) airport in New York. The airline started operating in this airport on June 28, 2009. LaGuardia Airport, situated in Queens, New York, handles over 500 daily flights. The airport has three terminals. They are Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C. Southwest is at Terminal B alongside Frontier, JetBlue, and United Airlines. 

What Facilities Does the LaGuardia Aiport Have?

The Southwest Airlines New York airport has umpteen facilities for passengers’ convenience. Here are a few to take note of: 

  • Charging stations (at the departure gates)
  • Nursing pods and suites (for the convenience of mothers traveling with infants; it is situated near the TSA offices)
  • .Pet Relief Area (for service animals and pet relief)
  • Restrooms
  • Metrocard machines 
  • Restrooms (Level 1)
  • Welcome Center 
  • Bank of America ATM
  • Car services and parking zones 
  • Family restrooms
  • Food courts 
  • Shopping areas
  • Coffee shops
  • The Centurion Lounge (at Level 4)
  • Sensory Room

The Lounges at LaGuar dia Airport

This Southwest Airlines New York Airport has some amazing lounges to keep you entertained and hooked to the fullest. Terminal A has no lounges, but Terminal B houses most of them. The ones to mention include Be Relax Spa, Centurion Spa, Minute Suites Express, Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, etc. The Delta Sky Club is at Terminal C. Each lounge has some facilities and amenities, which makes it unique. 

For instance, if we mention the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, some facilities provided include: 

  • Business center
  • Light snacks
  • Cell-free quiet zone 
  • Wi-fi services
  • Availability of magazines and newspaper
  • Beverages (soft, and alcoholic)

Air Canada Signature, Business class passengers, Star Alliance Elite Members, etc., are eligible for lounge services. 

American Airlines Admirals has facilities like: 

  • Conference rooms
  • Magazines and newspaper facilities
  • Wi-fi services
  • Television
  • Showers
  • Snacks 

The Centurion Lounge will provide certain amenities like:

  • Business services
  • Phone booths
  • Magazines and newspaper services
  • Wi-fi services
  • Refreshment zones
  • Buffet meals
  • Multi-purpose meeting rooms

To opt for the lounge services, you must meet some eligibility criteria. If that’s sorted, you may avail of the facilities and have a fulfilling experience while waiting for your flight at the airport. 

Does LaGuardia Airport Have Wi-fi Services?

The good news is that at LaGuardia airport, you can access free Wi-Fi at all the terminals. To avail of the free service, you must set the wireless network to Free LGA WiFi. Then choose the Free Unlimited Wi-Fi option, and enjoy. If you need help using the Wi-Fi network, contact their customer support, which is open 24/7. 

What Facilities Does Terminal B of LaGuardia Airport Have?

As mentioned, Southwest Airlines flights at the LaGuardia airport are at Terminal B. You may want to know what facilities you’ll get at that terminal while waiting for your flight. Let’s check out what you can avail yourself of while waiting at Terminal B. 

  • Meditation room
  • Wi-fi services 
  • Meet and greet services 
  • Be Relax Spa services 
  • Porter Services will provide you assistance with your luggage 
  • ATM facilities 
  • Shopping outlets for purchasing souvenirs and trip essentials
  • Numerous bar and food outlets for delicacies and drinks 
  • Cafes like Sweetleaf Coffee and Starbucks 

Does Terminal B at LaGuardia Have Lounges?

As mentioned above, most of the lounges of LaGuardia airport are situated at Terminal B. The lounges that you’ll find here are: 

  • American Airlines Admirals Club
  • Centurion Lounge 
  • United Club 
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Club 
  • United Club
  • Minute Suites Express
  • Chase Sapphire Lounge

You must meet some requirements to have lounge access. For example, to access American Airlines Admirals, you must be an Admirals Club member or first and business class passenger. Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum members are also eligible. You can access the lounge if you purchase an Admirals Club day pass. 

Can You Access Wi-fi at LaGuardia’s Terminal B?

Yes, as mentioned, all terminals at LaGuardia have free Wi-Fi access, and Terminal B isn’t an exception. You must connect to Free LGA WiFi to access Wi-Fi and enjoy the complementary services. 

Southwest Airlines’ Arrival and Departure Updates At LaGuardia’s Airport

Southwest Airlines arrivals and departures are handled at Terminal B of LaGuardia Airport. To learn more about Southwest Airlines’ arrival and departure timings, visit their official website.


So, that was about the LGA Airport where Southwest Airlines’ flights arrive and depart. Knowing about the Terminal, where your flight is, and the facilities you get at the airport will add to your convenience. For any queries about Southwest Airlines’ arrival and departure at the LGA Airport, contact their customer service.

FAQs – What Airport is Southwest Airlines at in New York?

Does Southwest Airlines fly to New York’s JFK airport?

Southwest Airlines flies to many places across the United States. However, it doesn’t fly to New York’s JFK airport.

Which terminal will you find Southwest Airlines at the LGA Airport?

As mentioned, Southwest Airlines is at Terminal B at the LGA airport.

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