What Airlines Fly Out of Concourse C in Atlanta?

Atlanta Airport has around 2700 flights arriving and departing. Officially called Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, it is one of the world’s busiest airports. As of 2023, it served over 104.6 million passengers. The airport began its operations on September 15, 1926. It has been in business for over 97 years now. 

This airport has two terminals, seven concourses, and around 192 gates. This article will look at the airlines that fly out of Concourse C in Atlanta. So, let’s get started. 

Which Airlines Fly Out of Atlanta’s Concourse C?

The Atlanta airport has seven concourses. They are:

  • Concourse A
  • Concourse B
  • Concourse C
  • Concourse D
  • Concourse E
  • Concourse F
  • Concourse T 

Concourse C has a total of 34 gates and also serves Comair, AirTran Airways, and ASA. Here is a list of the airlines that fly out of Atlanta Airport’s Concourse C: 

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Delta Connection (Compass Airlines, which shut down during the pandemic)
  • Delta Connection (Pinnacle Airlines)
  • Delta Connection (Express Jet ceased operations on 22nd August 2022)
  • Delta Connection (Pinnacle Airlines)

What Facilities Will You Get In Atlanta’s Concourse C?

If your flight is from Atlanta Airport’s Concourse C, it is essential to know the facilities you will get. So, do take a look: 

  • Concourse C is easily accessible from the North and South terminals. Moreover, a pedestrian walkway alongside an APM connects the seven concourses. 
  • The concourse has several outlets for food and beverages and retail shopping.
  • It also houses the Delta Sky Club Lounge, where visitors can spend a relaxing time if they are eligible for the same.
  • The Concourse has several charging ports for those who wish to access free Wi-Fi and work while they await their flights. 

Besides Concourse C, the Atlanta airport itself provides ample amenities. These include: 

  • Banking services
  • Wi-fi services
  • Medical services
  • Nursing pods to help mothers traveling with infants 
  • Interfaith chapels and prayer rooms (at concourses E and F)
  • Service animal relief centers, alongside a fully-fenced dog park with benches in the Domestic terminal south outside the W1 and W2 doors. 
  • Plush lounges 

Does the Atlanta Airport Have Lounges?

Atlanta Airport has many luxurious lounges to keep visitors entertained and relaxed. These include the Americal Airlines Admiral Club, the Delta Sky Club, the United Club, and the Club ATL. 

The Admiral Club has facilities like: 

  • Offers drinks that include alcoholic beverages
  • Has newspaper and magazine facilities 
  • Provides snack facilities 
  • Wi-fi services
  • Televisions 

The Club ATL provides the following services: 

  • Bar facilities where alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are served
  • Magazine and newspaper facilities 
  • Showers
  • Power outlets 
  • Telephone facilities and fax machines (fees required) 
  • Computers, printers, and workstations 
  • Wi-fi services 

The Delta Sky Club has the facilities mentioned below: 

  • It has a bar serving wine, spirits, and beer
  • It serves meals alongside snacks, salads, and soups
  • It has shower facilities and is equipped with amenities like toiletries, hair dryers, and towels 
  • It has a Sky deck
  • It provides wi-fi facilities 

When you have met the eligibility criteria, which differ depending on the lounge you are choosing, you may opt for the lounge services. 

Does Atlanta Airport Offer Wi-Fi services?

Yes, Atlanta Airport offers wi-fi services located throughout the airport in all terminals. To access free wi-fi services, you must follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Select ‘ATL Free Wi-Fi’ network
  • Launch your browser 
  • Enter the information that you need
  • Read the Terms of Use and accept them 
  • Click Submit, and begin using the services


Knowing the Concourses and Terminals at Atlanta Airports from where your flight departs helps you board your flight with ease. The ample facilities the terminals and concourses provide also ensure a comfortable stay at the airport while awaiting your flight.

FAQsWhat Airlines Fly Out of Concourse C in Atlanta?

Which Concourse is used by Delta Airlines?

Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, and Concourse T all serve Delta Airlines.

Which international airlines fly from Atlanta?

Several international airlines are flying from Atlanta. They include:
Air France
Air Canada
British Airways 
Ethiopian Airlines
Korean Air
Qatar Airways
Southwest Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Turkish Airlines

Which Airline is the primary point of focus at the Atlanta Airport?

The Atlanta Airport primarily serves Delta Airlines and low-cost airlines like Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

Which airline flies the most out of the Atlanta Airport?

Delta Airlines is the airline that flies the most out of Atlanta Airport. It has an extensive network of flights to domestic and international destinations.

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