United Airlines Now Texting Live Radar Maps And Using AI To Keep Travellers Informed During Weather Delays

United Airlines said it would introduce new technology-driven passenger communication that aims to enable travelers with much better information during all disruptions, specifically those related to weather. The airline, a Corporate Partner of the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub, has confirmed that it’s already using Artificial Intelligence tools to provide real-time updates to passengers about their trips.

After this trend, United recently started a text feature that sends links to the customers of local, live radar maps when inclement weather causes delays. The goal is that travelers can now grasp how poor weather that affects one region can ripple its effects nationally in business operations. This included areas that were as trivial as the gate change, time delays in boarding, change in the type of airplane to be flown, readjustment in their crew schedules, and weather events. Today, these teams are armed with Generative AI tools to help send more real-time updates to a broader audience during flight delays.

Speaking about this, Jason Birnbaum, United’s Chief Information Officer, commented, “This summer more customers are traveling than ever before, and we want to provide our customers with easy, tech-centric tools with human expertise that keep the airline prepared and equipped for any response.. All of this to reach out to more passengers, solving their queries with every detail of the journey.”.

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This move follows United’s brand promise of transparency and customer satisfaction. By offering live radar maps to passengers, the airline hopes it will help them understand the complexities of air travel and the effect that weather situations have on their plans. For an industry gearing up for an anticipated record summer travel season, this is timely.

The use of AI in passenger communication is only one example of a trend within the larger aviation industry. In fact, AI is being embraced explicitly by FTE Hub, of which United is a partner, in the 2024 agenda as one of the three major themes, the other two being Robotics and the Internet of Things Resort. In this regard, we might see other similar technologies coming soon in the sector to improve the passenger experience further.

What this United Airline is doing is, by all means, a mirror image of how technological advancements can be harnessed to relay real-time information to customer as they crisscross continents, thus relieving some of the pressure associated with travel inconveniences. What United is doing by introducing such tools is nothing short of a paradigm shift in the passenger communication discipline within the airline industry.

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