Is Frontier Airlines Safe?

Knowing an airline’s safety is paramount when choosing one. This gives passengers the confidence to travel safely. When an airline can handle crises well, has fewer fatal incidents and accidents, has complied with COVID norms during the pandemic, and even cares for the passengers’ hygiene needs and comforts, it ranks high in safety parameters. So, coming to our topic of discussion, is Frontier Airlines safe? That’s what we will discuss here. Read on to know more. 

Frontier Airlines – How Safe It Is?

Frontier Airlines commenced operations in 1994 and has been in business for over 30 years. One of its most significant advantages is that it is reasonably priced. Frontier Airlines has an interesting approach to business and focuses on four main principles: accommodating, comfortable, flexible, and affordable. So, is this low-cost airline safe enough? There are mixed opinions regarding the safety and comfort that Frontier Airlines provides.

  • The Air Advisor conducted a study and recorded different airlines from January 2022 to May 2023. The evaluation was based on safety, reliability, comfort, price, family travel, airline lounges, pet policies, etc. Frontier Airlines didn’t rank too high in the study. It was rated not more than 3.22, a pretty low rating indeed. It was marked 1 in reliability, 1 in comfort, and 2 in safety. 
  • Skytrax gave Frontier Airlines a three-star certification. In fact, on Skytrax’s customer review site, Frontier has garnered many negative reviews, with an average rating of 2/10. 
  • Most of the customers had issues with the cabin’s comfortability more than safety. One passenger complained of a horrible experience and said the seats were uncomfortable. Another expressed a grievance against the hidden costs, with even a glass of water being chargeable. One of the passengers complained of low oxygen in the cabin, which seemed alarming. 

That is one side of the story, and besides these banes, Frontier Airlines also has its sets of boons. 

  • Frontier Airlines gives its customers the scope of flying green. Isn’t that a fantastic initiative? Frontier is known to be fuel efficient by around 43% compared to other airlines. This means they have put a foot forward to lessen the environmental hazards. An increased aircraft weight means greater consumption of fuel. To combat this, Frontier introduced comfortable and lightweight seats in 2021, reducing weight by around 30%. Frontier also encourages passengers to download their boarding passes rather than print them. They have even replaced paper cups with biodegradable ones. 
  • The recent ratings of issued in 2024 rank Frontier Airlines as 6th of the 20 safest low-cost airlines. This is indeed some achievement, and the airline must work harder to be one of the most reliable and comfortable airlines to travel with.


So, from all the data and reviews, we can see that Frontier isn’t ranked too high in safety, comfort, and reliability. When the authorities come together and work towards improving their services, it will surely provide customer satisfaction and make their journey fulfilling.

FAQs – Is Frontier Airlines Safe?

Is Frontier Airlines trustworthy?

Frontier is famous but not trustworthy in terms of safety norms and reliability. This has been deduced based on the recent ratings conducted by several online portals (as mentioned above). Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction over the uncomfortable seats and the need for proper amenities.

Is Delta better than Frontier Airlines?

According to customer reviews, Delta Airlines stands out due to its increased reliability, comfortable cabin ambiance, friendly service, and few hidden fees. Frontier seems cheaper than Delta but has hidden costs, which isn’t seen in the latter. In a recent report, Delta scored 743/100 and was deemed the best airline. Contrastingly, Frontier did not receive satisfactory ratings and scored as low as 472.

Is Frontier better than American Airlines?

American Airlines ranked higher than Frontier in reliability, customer satisfaction, and loyalty program provision.

Does Frontier have a high cancellation rate?

According to data, Frontier Airlines’s cancellation rate was relatively high, around 2.13%, while 66.99% of their flights were on time.

Are Frontier Airlines seats comfortable?

Customers have received many negative reviews regarding Frontier Airlines’ uncomfortable seats. People have said the seats are small, cramped, and hard. They barely provide sufficient leg space. As per a few, the seats are fine for a short-haul flight. However, they aren’t comfortable with long-haul flights.

Is Frontier or Spirit Airlines better?

Both airlines compete fiercely. If choosing who’s the better, Spirit weighs a little higher than Frontier regarding reliability, in-flight benefits, and cost. This analysis is based n tassenger reviews and data for both airlines.

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