Does Frontier Airlines Allow Pets?

Traveling with pets may not be impossible, but sometimes, it is a mammoth task. You may bring your pet home for the first time or desire to take your canine friend along during a vacation. That’s when you start researching your respective flight’s pet policy. Right? So, coming to our topic, does Frontier Airlines allow pets? That’s what we will discuss in this blog. So, let’s get started. 

What is Frontier Airlines’ Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines is pet-friendly, allowing a variety of pets on board. The specific pet policy may vary depending on the flight, but for flights to the US, you can bring your domesticated cats, dogs, guinea pigs, small domesticated birds, and hamsters. Your pet should be at least eight weeks old to be eligible for traveling on a flight. For international flights, only domesticated cats and dogs are permitted. 

Can You Carry Pets As Part Of Your Checked Baggage In Frontier Airlines?

It’s important to note that pets cannot be carried in checked baggage. You can only take them in the cabin as a carry-on. They cannot be let out in the open. For the safety of all passengers, pets must remain inside their travel containers at all times, even if they become restless. 

What is Frontier Airlines’ Cargo Pet Policy?

As I mentioned above, pets aren’t allowed as checked baggage on Frontier Airlines. So, the question of keeping them in the cargo hold doesn’t arise. 

Things to Remember while Carrying Pets in Cabin

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when you are carrying a pet on board. Here we go: 

  • The travel container should have enough space for your pet to stand, lie, or turn around comfortably.
  • The container must be of a size that can conveniently accommodate the space beneath your front seat. 
  • The permissible dimensions of the container are 18 inches, 14 inches, and 8 inches (length, width, and height). The case in the cage should be soft-sided for your pet’s comfort. 
  • Under no circumstance should your pet come out of the travel container. 
  • You are advised against feeding your pet food and water during travel. This may have an adverse effect on your pet. The stress of traveling by flight, teamed with the aircraft’s motion and other aspects, may add to your pet’s discomfort. 
  • When carrying your pet on the flight, ensure that he is odorless, harmless, not disruptive, and requires minimum or no attention. 
  • Soothing your pet during the flight is essential. However, in the process of doing so, avoid tranquilizing him. Many veterinarians are against this as well. The tranquilizer’s effect on your pet at high altitudes remains unpredictable. 
  • If you have a pet flying with you, avoid sitting in the first row and the row near the exit. 
  • Frontier Airlines aircraft do not have the provision to administer oxygen to your pet in emergencies. That’s why you must ensure that your pet is in sound health before traveling to avoid unpleasant occurrences. 

What Fees Does FrontierAirlines Charge to Carry Pets on Their Flight?

Yes, you must pay a one-way directional fee of $99, which applies to each pet per direction. You may make an advance payment when booking. Else, you must pay during check-in with your pet. You can bring a carry-on or personal item besides the travel container. You will be charged for the carry-on. The permissible dimensions for the personal item are 8 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches (height, weight, and length, respectively). For a carry-on, the dimensions should be at most 10 inches, 16 inches, and 24 inches (height, weight, and length). 

To add a pet to your initial booking, visit Frontier Airlines’s official website. You must enter your confirmation code and last name in the check-in box. If you wish to add your pet to your existing booking, go to the Manage Your Booking page. Go to “Special Services” and Manage Your Booking there. 

Health and Wellness of Your Pet -The Preferred Requirements

The USDA Regulates pet transportation within the United States.  Frontier Airlines doesn’t need a health certificate when you have pets traveling as a carry-on within the United States. However, specific states you are flying to might require a certificate upon landing. To get more clarification on this, contact the USDA Veterinary Services. You may need a health certificate to validate your pet’s overall health in case of international travel. Each country has specialized vaccination requirements that you have to adhere to. The validity of your pet’s health certificate varies as per the country you are flying to:

  • For Puerto Rico, it should be 30 days before entering the country
  • For the United States, it has to be 30 days before your entry there
  • For the Dominican Republic, it must be 15 days before your entry day 
  • For Costa Rica, it is 14 days before your entry
  • For Mexico, it is five days before entry 

The health certificate should also include: 

  1. The owner’s name and address 
  1. The species of animal 
  1. The country of origin or destination
  1. Details about immunization against rabies in the last twelve months since the travel date for adult pets aged three months and more than that. There’s an exception regarding the definition of adult pets according to the rules of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Both these countries define pets more than four months of age as adult pets. 
  1. The immunization date shouldn’t exceed a year or be less than thirty days from the date of international travel. If your pet has a booster dose for rabies within 30 days before international travel, you must provide proof of vaccination. Puerto Rico has an exception regarding the period of immunization. It should be six months from the date of travel. 

Here is a detailed account of other requirements as per the country: 

  • Dominican Republic and Mexico require a statement on your pet’s health certificate stating that your pet isn’t affected by parasites and has received treatment for parasite prevention. 
  • Vaccinations like PIP, leptospirosis, and hepatitis are required. 
  • Owners of cats and dogs flying to and from Canada should also produce their pet’s health certificate and rabies vaccine details, issued in French or English by a licensed veterinarian. Cana even considers a three-year rabies vaccination as valid. If the certificate doesn’t contain the vaccine’s validity, it will be regarded as valid for only a year. Like the rabies vaccine, the health certificate should also be in French or English and contain all the essential details needed. 
  • Puerto Rico requires two identification tags alongside sturdy collars. The tags must have the owner’s permanent address, phone number, and alternative address for communication. 

Commonly Asked Questions – Does Frontier Airlines Allow Pets?

Can I carry my dog along on a Frontier Airline flight?

Yes, you can carry your dog on a Frontier Airlines flight, provided you have met all the requirements regarding the permissible dimensions, vaccination details, age, and other essential parameters. Your dog cannot be checked as baggage, you must include it as a carry-on.

How much does Frontier Airline charge to carry pets on board?

Frontier Airlines charges $99 per animal to carry a pet in cabin baggage, and the fees apply for each way. Service animals are allowed without charge, but you must follow the guidelines.

Which animals does Frontier Airlines not allow?

Frontier Airlines doesn’t allow the following animals: 
Large birds include cockatoos, parrots, macaws, and several birds of prey. 
Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels
Reptiles like snakes 
Wild animals (bears, lions, tigers, to name a few, and the list is endless)

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