How You Can Jet Away On A Budget Through These Summertime Airline Deals

As summer approaches, most travelers want to plan their getaways but are worried about the prices pointed upwards. The good news is that with budget-oriented jet-setters, several airlines offer steep discounts on flights to popular destinations. Here’s a run-through of some of the finest deals available.

American Airlines Flies with Savings

American Airlines is leading the pack with sweet deals out of Philadelphia International Airport. Among the offers, some significant ones include roundtrip flights to Orlando, $157; New Orleans, $179; and Las Vegas, starting at $231. Those who wish to fly out of the Atlantic City International Airport can find a special American roundtrip to Dallas for $299. Finally, flights out of Newark Liberty International Airport start at $149 to Miami.

Spirit Airlines: Budget Options

On this very inexpensive airline, a round-trip will not be disappointing this time around. Fares from Atlantic City to Orlando are as low as $37 for a one-way trip. From Newark, such rates could fall to $35. The trip to Myrtle Beach is even more cut-rate, currently at $23 from Atlantic City.

Features from Delta on the Domestic and International Sectors

Delta Airlines offers domestic and international deals out of Philadelphia International Airport. Flights headed for Orlando are advertised with roundtrip fares priced from $266; to and from San Francisco, they are $356, and to Honolulu, they start from $690. For international travelers, flights to Munich, Germany, are on sale from $863. Vacation packages to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Italy, Las Vegas, and Mexico are also offered by Delta.

Those in the New York area can find deals with Delta for flights to Myrtle Beach or Tampa under $300.

Frontier Airlines once again proves that budget-friendly travel is really happening. The airline is challenging the travel business by offering cheap flights to Florida and Puerto Rico. Travelers can now book a one-way airline ticket on flights bound for Atlanta, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa for as low as $19. Other cheap flights also go one-way to Chicago for $19, Dallas for $26, and West Palm Beach, Florida for $39.

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Important Considerations

Those offers are such great deals, but one has to remember that some of them stipulate that you have to travel on specific dates other than your choice. Also, there are chances of hidden costs, so please read the fine print before booking an absolute steal.

With so many choices, you don’t have to think about draining your wallet this summer. Oh, sure—whether you’re looking at a domestic sandy beach over an international-type adventure, these airline deals stretch the budgets for travelers a little more and turn those dreams of a summer getaway into reality.

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