Delta Flight Diverted To JFK After Passengers Were Served Spoiled Food

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted to JFK Airport in New York early Wednesday because spoiled food had been served to some passengers aboard the aircraft.

This is aircraft number 136, flying from Detroit to Amsterdam. It left Detroit at 22:51 on Tuesday, and instead of having arrived at exactly 03:59 on Wednesday in Amsterdam, this aircraft has found life at JFK Airport.

Delta Air Lines announced that some of the food supplied to the economy class passengers had gone bad. When the company learned of this, it decided to land the airplane at JFK airport for health and safety reasons.

When the plane landed, medical teams checked on the passengers and crew who might have eaten the spoiled food. Delta didn’t say how many people felt sick or what kind of food had been spoiled.

It was an A330 from Airbus, with 277 on board. Delta put those passengers in hotel rooms upon landing at JFK. Delta also booked the passengers on other flights to be able to get to Amsterdam.

Delta offered a public apology to the passengers for the problem and for holding up their trip. ‘This isn’t the kind of service people expect from Delta’, they stated. The airline is now investigating how this happened and working hard to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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These disruptions led to a flight delay. The flight was finally estimated to leave JFK at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024, and arrive in Amsterdam early Thursday, July 4th, 2024. This means the passengers will arrive in Amsterdam about 16 hours after they were originally supposed to.

Delta says it is taking this very seriously. It has a food safety team working to find all the bad food and remove it. It also promises to investigate how it happened.


This event undercuts the very importance of food safety on an airplane. Airlines need to be really careful with the food they serve, as such problems may go out of proportion and result in an emergency, causing travel delays and health risks for passengers.

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