Avelo cuts six cities as it extends its schedule to January 2025

Avelo Airlines has extended its schedule to the first half of 2025. It has, of late, kept its booking open for the holiday season and beyond that. The airline was launched in 2021 and serves 52 destinations, including 23 states and Puerto Rico. 

However, besides expanding its business, Avelo has decided to discontinue its network on some routes. They have agreed to trim routes that haven’t garnered much profit. Avelo will stop operations at six airports. The services will either end in August or resume the seasonal routes of the past year. 

Avelo Airlines Network Change 

So, let’s look at the network changes Avelo Airlines has planned for:

  1. Lansing Airport (LAN; Michigan) – The winter seasonal service won’t resume
  2. Battle Creek International Airport/ Kalamazoo (Michigan) – Winter seasonal services won’t start
  3. Central Wisconsin Airport (Wisconsin) – service discontinues on the 31st of August
  4. Dubuque Regional Airport (Iowa) – service stops on the 31st of August 
  5. Greater Binghamton Airport (New York) – service halts on the 31st of August
  6. Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport (Texas) – service halts on the 31st of August 

When making the announcements, Avelo thanked these communities for their immense support to date. At the same time, it even said that since the services with these airports haven’t been profitable, the result is a discontinuation of the services. 

The company further mentioned that all Avelo Airlines routes should be profitable or show some profit. The company further noted that in most cases, they succeed in the routes they enter and continue services. However, with the routes they don’t succeed, they decide to call it quits, like in the case of these six airports. It’s a difficult decision, but it’s good for their future business. In 2024, Avelo served a single destination in five of the six airports. The exception was only in the case of Brownsville, where the airlines served the Orlando International Airport and the Hollywood Burbank Airport. 

The discontinuation of the abovementioned services will result in significant setbacks for the respective cities. In this regard, Avelo mentions that these challenges allow them to double the number of group opportunities in their existing networks. There has been rapid growth in some of Avelo’s bases, which is good news. One example is Connecticut’s Tweed New Haven Airport. Avelo has also started a new base at Santa Rosa’s Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport.

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Extension of Avelo Airlines’ Schedule 

Avelo’s early January schedule extension didn’t feature any new routes. However, the carrier mentioned increasing the service frequency from Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) to Luiz Munoz International Airport (SJU) in Puerto Rico’s San Juan. From November, Avelo plans to conduct four roundtrips instead of two on Mondays and Fridays also, besides Wednesdays and Saturdays.

 Avelo has served over 4.8 million customers to date.  Let’s hope the changes implemented yield fruitful results.

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