How Do You Add TSA PreCheck® to Air Canada?

TSA PreCheck ® services are the easiest way to expedite airport screening without waiting in long queues. However, not everyone can apply for a TSA PreCheck®. You must adhere to some eligibility criteria.  Once your TSA PreCheck® application gets approved, you must add your KTN (Known Traveler Number)  to your reservation to enjoy the benefits of quick screening at the airport. Read more about TSA PreCheck and how to add it to your Air Canada website. 

Who Is Eligible for a TSA PreCheck®?

To be eligible for the TSA PreCheck ® program, here are some criteria that you will have to meet:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen, a US national, or a lawful permanent resident.
  • You must be a citizen of any partner country enrolled in NEXUS, SENTRY, or Global Entry. 
  • Canadian citizens with a NEXUS membership are also eligible.
  • US armed forces members, those serving in the National Guard, and US Coast Guard Reserves are also eligible. 

How to Apply For a TSA PreCheck®?

If you are eligible for the TSA PreCheck® program, applying for it will not be daunting. 

  • Visit for your enrollment provider that would best cater to your needs. The websites that do not end in “Gov” aren’t valid websites for TSA PreCheck. 
  •  You can opt for pre-enrollment to book your in-person appointment. Alternatively, you can go directly to the enrollment center without any prior appointment. 
  • Applying online doesn’t take more than five minutes.
  • At the enrollment center, the provider will collect your fingerprint and take your photograph. He will verify your documents and finally collect your payment of $78 or $85, depending on your enrollment center choice. 

How to Add TSA PreCheck ® to Air Canada?

Now, let’s get to the main topic. How do you add TSA PreCheck® to your Air Canada reservations? 

Once your application is approved, you can take advantage of the TSA PreCheck® benefits after you receive your KTN (Known Traveler Number). Here is what you must do to add your TSA PreCheck to your Air Canada reservation. 

  • You must provide the Air Canada representatives with your KTN during or before check-in. 
  • When checking in at the airport or Air Canada self-service kiosks, the TSA PreCheck ® indicator is printed on your boarding pass (if eligible). 
  •  If you are checking in online at the Air Canada website or through the mobile app, the TSA PreCheck® indicator is displayed on the electronic boarding pass and even gets added to the 2D Barcode. 

Once your TSA is added to your Air Canada reservation, you can enjoy the benefits of a quick screening without waiting in a queue. 

What are the Benefits of Applying for a TSA PreCheck@ Program?

Upon the approval of your application, you can enjoy numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • You do not have to remove your belt, shoes, and light jacket while going through security checks. 
  • Your 3-1-1 liquid and laptop may remain in your bag.
  • You do not have to queue at the airport and will enjoy a better travel experience. 

Can Children Avail TSA PreCheck@ Benefits? 

Children aged 13-17 should be on the same reservation as their parent or guardian enrolled for TSA. Only then will their boarding pass have the TSA PreCheck logo. Children below 17 who are traveling alone or with an adult not enrolled for TSA PreCheck® will have to apply for an expedited screening to reap benefits. Else, they must go through the standard screening process. 

Similarly, children aged 13-17 years who are not on the same reservation with parents enrolled for the TSA program or do not have the TSA logo on their boarding passes will not be permitted in the TSA PreCheck lanes. They must go through the standard screening process. 

Adults with gate passes accompanying kids traveling alone must undergo standard screening even if enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program. This is because gate passes aren’t a part of the TSA benefits.


Enrolling in the TSA PreCheck® program will make your travel experience more hassle-free and fulfilling. You need to know the correct application procedure, and things will conveniently fall into place. If you travel to international destinations frequently, the Global Entry, SENTRY, or NEXUS programs will suit you better.


Can I add TSA PreCheck@ to my Air Canada flight?

TSA PreCheck can be added to your Air Canada flight when you make an online reservation or book at the airport.

How much do you have to pay to enrol for TSA PreCheck@?

The payment varies as per the enrollment service provider that you have chosen. If you have selected Idemia, you will have to pay $78. On the other hand, if Telos is your enrollment center, then the amount to be paid is $85. 

Idemia has over 600 locations, whereas Telos has only 26. You can apply only offline but renew both online and offline. For online renewal through Idemia, you must pay $70, while an in-person renewal costs $78. Telos charges $70 for online and in-person renewals.

Is TSA PreCheck applicable for Canada?

Canadian citizens with a NEXUS membership can apply for the TSA PreCheck program. 

 In which airports does Air Canada participate in the TSA Program?

More than 200 airports participate in the TSA PreCheck program. Air Canada passengers will be able to use TSA facilities only at the participating airports. As mentioned, many airports participate in this program, including Anchorage, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, etc. 

What is the Canadian equivalent to TSA?

The frequent traveler program in Canada, which applies to passengers with extensive background checks and valid photo identification proof, is known as CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority).

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