How do I Contact Customer Service for Southwest Airlines?

You may need to call an airline’s customer service for numerous reasons. For instance, you may need to book, reschedule or cancel your tickets. You may even have to complain about any issue you face. High-quality customer service will indeed help the airlines retain customers. So, when it comes to Southwest, you must be wanting to know the ways to contact their customer service. Right? That’s what we will discuss in this article. 

How can you Get in Touch with Southwest Airlines Customer Service by Telephone?

Here are the numbers to reach Southwest Airlines customer service. A landline may be required when calling from international numbers. 

  • For any General questions, you will have to call 1-800-435-9792 (1-800-I-FLY-SWA)
  • When you are calling from Aruba, the number to dial is 588-2900
  • If you are in the Bahamas and want to contact Southwest Airlines, call 1-855-202-3403. If you want services in Espanol, then call 1-855-202-3402
  • Those in Belize can call 0-800-0078684 for English and 0-800-247-5463 for Espanol. 
  • Those from Costa Rica may dial  0-800-012-1916 for English and 0-800-012-1917 for Espanol. 
  • For Dominican Republic residents, the number to dial is 1-800-751-9039. Spanish users may contact 1-800-751-9038.
  • If you are in Grand Cayman, call 1-844-670-7914. You may dial 1-844-670-7990 for Espanol. 
  • Those in Jamaica can reach out to Southwest by dialling 1-800-425-8130. Espanol customers can dial 1-800-425-8089.
  • Customers in Mexico can reach out to Southwest Airlines customer service at 800-083-1179. Espanol customers can call 800-083-1178. 
  • If you have used Southwest Vacations, Southwest Airlines’ vacation package, and have any concerns, contact 1-800-243-8372. 
  • If you have booked any hotels through Southwest Airlines, you may call  1-888-850-3958 for any existing hotel reservations. For Espanol, you may contact  1-866-938-1297
  • Call 1-800-533-1305 for teletypewriter or TTY services, mainly for the hearing impaired or hard of hearing. 
  • If you have concerns about Rapid Rewards, contact 1-800-445-5764.
  • For automated flight information, dial 1-888-792-8747 (1-888-SWA-TRIP) 

                                                                                                                How to Get Help Via Southwest Airlines’ Official Website?

You may also visit their official website if you find calling the helpline tedious and need assistance with basic travel-related facts. The Help Center option is at the bottom of the page. Once you get there, you will find tabs with answers to various queries. 

Planning a Booking 

This includes queries like: 

  • If you can book your travel with your pet
  • The way to add early bird check-in
  • The ways of payment that you can use
  • Regarding assistance in booking your travel
  • The ways to book a rental car or a hotel
  • The process of booking a travel for ten people or more

Getting Ready For Your Flight 

The queries included are: 

  • The ways to check in and get your boarding position
  • The process of rescheduling or cancelling your flight 
  • The way to buy an Upgraded boarding
  • Regarding details on traveling with infants and children

Day of Travel Details 

  • Ways to know the boarding process
  • Knowing of the onboard experience
  • What to do when one missed their flight
  • How to fly stand-by or make alterations to the itinerary 
  • Details on the things one can do at the airport’s lobby 

Facts About Delays and Cancellations 

  • Ways to rebook flight due to cancellation or delays
  • Things to do if the flight was delayed or canceled by Southwest
  • Voucher request for cancellation or delay
  • Details on flight credit for cancellation

Besides the facts mentioned above, you will also get information on other vital aspects like:

  • Checked and carry-on baggage policies
  • Things to expect when your kids are flying unaccompanied or when you are traveling with your family. 
  • Details on travel fund policies and the ways to request a reimbursement or refund
  • There’s a Rapid Rewards tab. When you click on it, you will see details on enrolling in the program and the benefits you will receive.
  • You will also get information on disability-related accommodations that will come to aid when you have special needs individuals flying with you. 

Can You Contact Southwest Airlines Through Email and Chat?

If you have any concerns and desire to write to Southwest Airlines, you can contact them through email. It’s simple. 

  • Scroll down and click on Help Center. 
  • You will find an Additional Topics section, where you must click the Provide Feedback Tab.
  • You’ll reach a page showing several options, such as Complaint, Comment/Question, and Compliment. Click on the applicable option. For instance, if you wish to vent your grievance, select Complaint. If you have any queries or doubts, click on Comment or Question. You may be satisfied with the services of the airlines or a particular individual and want to appreciate their excellent work. In such cases, select Compliment. 
  • If you’ve clicked on Complaint, you’ll find boxes to help consolidate your search. Choose the one related to your search. Under the Complaint section, you’ll find options like Flight, In-flight experience, Baggage, Rapid Rewards, Reservations, Disability, etc. If you choose Flight, you’ll see more direct options like Status Notification, Flight Delay, Flight Diversion, etc. Once you choose the preferred option, select Next. 
  • You will find a form that requires you to fill in vital details like flight date, flight number, airport, origin city, destination city, confirmation number, etc. Once you have completed filling in the form, click Next and do as directed. Your response will be recorded with the airlines, and they will revert as soon as possible. 

You can even use Southwest Airlines’ Live Chat option. Go to the official website, click Help Center, and find the Live Chat option. The Southwest Bot is available to answer your questions 24/7. However, customer service representatives are available from 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Central Time. 

If you wish to write to Southwest Airlines, a rare choice, here’s their mailing address for your convenience. 

P.O. Box 36647-1CR


Texas 75235

How Do You Contact Southwest Airlines Through Your Mobile Phone?

You can easily manage your itinerary when you download the Southwest Airlines app from Google Play or the App Store. If you want to chat through the app, here are some steps to follow: 

  • If you already have the Southwest Airlines app, update it to 11.2+. 
  • When you have the app downloaded, go to the main menu.
  • You will find the help center option as you scroll down
  • Click Show More 
  • Select More Phone Numbers and Contact 
  • You can choose any of the two options – After your trip, Before and during your trip.
  • To the right-hand corner at the bottom, you will come across the Chat icon
  • Click on the screen, and you’ll begin chatting with a Bot. You can contact live agents if your queries aren’t resolved. 


When you have booked a Southwest Airlines flight and want to contact their customer service, knowing the different ways to connect to them for your convenience is essential. You can call the customer service number if you urgently wish to contact them. Otherwise, you may rely on Southwest Airlines’ website for your queries and doubts. Chat services are another option also. Ensure that you contact customer service as soon as possible in the case of any discrepancies regarding your travel to avoid any inconvenience.

FAQs – How do I Contact Customer service for Southwest Airlines

How do you contact Southwest Airlines?

The direct helpline number to contact Southwest Airlines is 1-800-I-FLY-SWA 1-800-435-9792.

How do you contact Southwest Airlines outside the United States?

If you are outside the United States, there are helpline numbers from different locations where you can contact Southwest Airlines.
Aruba – 588-2900
Bahamas – 1-855-202-3403; Espanol – 1-855-202-3402
Belize – 0-800-0078684; Espanol -0-800-247-5463
Costa Rica – 0-800-012-1916; Espanol – 0-800-012-1917
Dominican Republic- 1-800-751-9039; Espanol – 1-800-751-9038
Grand Cayman – 1-844-670-7914; Espanol – 1-844-670-7990
Jamaica – 1-800-425-8130; Espanol – 1-800-425-8089
Mexico – 800-083-1179; Espanol – 800-083-1178

Can you contact Southwest Airlines through their chat services?

You can contact Southwest Airlines through chat services by visiting their website. You may even download the Southwest app via mobile and access online chat. You can contact the Southwest bot 24/7. However, to contact customer service, you have to contact them from 6 am – 8 pm, seven days a week.

How do you contact Southwest Airlines to cancel a flight?

In most cases, you can cancel or change the Southwest Airlines flight through the website or app (if you have downloaded it on your mobile). Go to the Manage Reservations option. Enter your itinerary details and click on change or cancel.

How do you contact Southwest Airlines media?

For media inquiries, contact 214-792-4847 and press option 1. You can also email at

How do I write to Southwest Airlines?

If you wish to mail Southwest Airlines, you can write to them at PO Box 36647-1CR, Dallas, Texas – 75235.

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