Does Frontier Offer Compensation for Delays?

Flight delays aren’t something that you expect. When things are running behind schedule, it can seem really annoying. Yet, sometimes, things aren’t in one’s hands, and flight delays may happen due to several unavoidable circumstances. There could be a technical glitch, bad weather, problems with airport operations, security issues, and much more. 

Each airline has policies for making up for and compensating its customers, mainly if the delay occurs for a long time. In this article, we will discuss Frontier Airlines’ compensation policies in case of flight delays. So let’s get started. 

Does Frontier Airlines Compensate to Its Customers For Flight Delays?

Flight delays or cancellations may occur due to a controllable or uncontrollable situation. Let’s learn what these are and Frontier’s compensation policies for controllable and uncontrollable situations. 

Frontier Airlines’ Compensation Policies for Controllable Situations

In a controllable situation, a flight delay, cancellation, or diversion may occur due to aircraft damage, technical glitches, mechanical issues, airport or crew problems, aircraft cleaning, baggage loading, etc. All of these are within Frontier Airlines’ control. So, if your Frontier flight is delayed due to any controllable situation, here are a few initiatives Frontier Airlines may take to compensate for the delay. 

  • Provisions will be made to board you on the next available Frontier Airline flight without extra charges. 
  • If your Frontier flight has been delayed for three hours or more than that, you will also be provided with meal vouchers by the airline. 
  • If your Frontier flight is canceled and the next flight you have rebooked departs three hours or later than the time of your original flight, then also you will be eligible for the meal vouchers.
  • In the case your Frontier flight gets delayed for more than three hours, you’ll get a total refund of your ticket’s unused portion upon request. This is optional, at your discretion. 

Frontier Airlines’ Compensation Policies for Uncontrollable Situations

Flight delays that aren’t in the hands or control of Frontier Airlines happen because of uncontrollable situations. There may be several reasons behind the same, like bad weather conditions, Air traffic control, bird strikes, etc. If your Frontier flight gets delayed due to any uncontrollable situations, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • If your flight is delayed due to bad weather or any other reason that isn’t under the direct control of Frontier Airlines, there won’t be any compensation. The only thing that can be done is to accommodate you on the next available flight without any charges. 
  • If your flight delay extends to more than three hours, in such cases, Frontier Airline initiates a complete refund for your ticket’s unused part upon request. In the case of severe weather disturbances, Frontier Airlines authorities will issue a travel advisory on their official website,, and implement their severe weather plan. According to this plan, individuals can rebook flights without any extra charges for a later date when the weather gets better. 

Things to Know About Frontier Airlines’ Travel Advisory

If your flight is delayed by over three hours or canceled, you can click this link to manage your booking. You will have to use your name and confirmation code to log in. Visiting this page will help you with all your queries, like finding rebooking options and even initiating refunds. The Flight Status page will update you on the latest Frontier flight updates. 

Frontier Airline Compensation Policies for Delay By Hours

Compensation Policies for 3 Hours Delay

When you have a flight delay of three hours or more due to any controllable situation, Frontier Airlines will do its utmost to accommodate you on the next available flight without any extra charges. Flight delays also mean spending on extra meals. You needn’t worry about that. You’ll be given meal vouchers for delays spanning three hours or more. 

If the flight delays (for over three hours) are due to any situation outside Frontier Airlines’ control, the airline will initiate a refund on the unused portion of your ticket upon request. The refund on-request policy is also available when your flight is delayed for more than three hours due to any controllable situation. Frontier Airlines may issue a travel advisory on their website if flight delays or cancellations happen due to terrible weather. You have the option to rebook or get a refund. Visit their website for more information. 

Compensation Policy for 5 Hours Delay

As mentioned above, the rules for a five-hour delay will be the same as those implemented for flight delays of three hours or more. You will be allowed to fly on the next available flight, if possible. You’ll even get a meal voucher, and a refund for your ticket’s unused part if you request the same.


Frontier Airlines’ compensation policies are flexible. Once you know the procedure, you won’t face any hassle. If you have any queries or concerns about the compensation policies for flight delays and cancellations, contact Frontier Airlines customer service. You’ll have chat representatives to assist you 24/7. To remain updated about delays, diversions, and cancelations, including your phone number and email ID on the Manage My Booking page during booking is essential.

Will Frontier Airlines compensate for flight delays?

Yes, Frontier Airlines will compensate for flight delays, depending on the situation that has caused it.  Their compensation policies include providing meal vouchers for delays extending for over three hours, accommodating passengers on the next available flight, and even initiating refunds on request.

How do I get the Frontier Airlines compensation form?

Go to the Customer Service section of When your flight has been delayed for over three hours or canceled, click on the Delays and Cancelations section. You will find the Login Page. Enter your last name and confirmation code, and follow the instructions from there on.

How does Frontier Airlines handle tarmac delays?

When you have already boarded the aircraft, and your flight doesn’t take off since it hasn’t received any clearance from Air Traffic Control to take off, that results in a tarmac delay. The same goes for any delays in disembarking upon landing. In most cases, the tarmac delays do not last long. 

However, if the delays are extended, young boarding, or on landing, Frontier Airlines remains committed to informing the customers about the situation. In the case of an extended tarmac delay, Frontier Airlines will provide their customers essential amenities like food, water, and restroom access. They will even make provisions for restroom facilities if the security conditions permit.

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