Does Eva Air have Wifi?

Airplane Wi-Fi, or in-flight Wi-Fi, makes it convenient for passengers to access the Internet when flying. You can access your laptop, smartphone, or any Wi-Fi-enabled device while flying. EVA Air has attained a 5-star rating from Skytrax. It is also Taiwan’s second-largest airline after China Airlines. The amenities provided by such an esteemed airline are also top-class. So, let us know about the Wi-Fi service EVA Air provides to benefit their customers. 

Does EVA Air provide you with a Wi-Fi Service?

EVA Air values all its customers and provides in-flight Wi-Fi services to all cabin classes. Whether traveling in Premium Economy, Business, or Economy class, you can avail of this facility. The EVA aircraft models equipped with Wi-Fi are the 777-300ER, A330-300, and 787. Panasonic Avionics, available onboard, sells in-flight Wi-Fi. 

Premium Economy class, Business, and Economy class passengers purchasing UP have the privilege of complimentary Wi-Fi services on EVA Air-operated long-haul routes. However, to get the complementary services, you must apply and register in the Manage Your Trips section 48 hours- 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. Once you have registered, you will get a voucher code for free wi-fi usage. 

Here is a breakdown of the free Wi-Fi for the travel class type. 

  • Up in Business Class – 100 MB (Free Wi-Fi)
  • Standard in Business Class – 75 MB (Free Wi-Fi)
  • Basic in Business Class – 50 MB (Free Wi-Fi)
  • Up in Premium Economy Class – 50 MB (Free Wi-fi)
  • Up in Economy Class – 30 MB 

If the complimentary Wi-Fi services are not valid for your ticket type and you wish to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi, look at the price chart in the table below. 

Data Plan Price Facilities Available 
30 minutes of complimentary web browsing Free Texting and web browsing 
Life messaging plan 30 MB$4.95 Texting 
Standard plan 100 MB $14.95Pictures downloading, website browsing 
Business plan 300 MB $29.95Browsing (social media) and sharing 
Ultimate Plan $39.95Media streaming 

Things to Remember 

  • In-flight Wi-Fi does not allow access to online games, cloud or software updates, VOIP services, or PSP media streaming. However, you can use media streaming when you have opted for the Ultimate Plan. 
  • There are some limitations to your online activities. You can email an attachment of 0.02 MB, access messaging apps and send one or two messages of 0.1 MB, or do a status update on social media with 0.4 MB. The file sizes may vary according to the user. 
  • The complimentary wi-fi services for cabin classes are valid until 30th June 2024. 
  • You can avail of the services at 10,000 feet and more altitudes. In-flight wi-fi works through satellite transmissions. You cannot access them in areas where satellite signals don’t work. 
  • Considering the rights of other customers, you cannot use the service to access sites that violate good customs and manners. 
  • To enjoy a smoother connection during flight, enable power-saving mode and avoid activities that require high bandwidth, such as transferring large files or playing mobile games. You must also turn off automatic media downloads or software updates. 

Can You Get In-Flight  Data Roaming and Mobile SMS Services?

 You will get these services on select EVA Air aircraft. If your phone’s airplane mode is disabled, the AeroMobile network will connect to your phone automatically. You can begin using their services upon receiving AeroMobile’s welcome message. 

Not all mobile operators offer AeroMobile services. Check the  AeroMobile rates and service availability with your mobile operator if you wish to use them. Disable your data roaming settings; otherwise, you may be charged extra for data transmission. Once the flight has reached an altitude higher than 20,000 feet, disable the airplane mode and start the roaming services. 

Data roaming and SMS services are unavailable in some regions in Antarctica, the Arctic, and the United States. 

Set your mobile in silent or vibration mode. You cannot make voice calls. For concerns about billing or services, you must contact your home operator. 

Did you know? You have the privilege of air-to-ground calls to your kith and kin. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Please review the Star Gallery magazine available on EVA Air flights for more details.


I hope this article has given you a vivid account of the Wi-Fi services that you may avail of on the EVA Air flight. You can even message or contact your loved ones while flying through EVA Air’s mobile SMS and data roaming services. Happy Flying! Happy Surfing!

Commonly Asked Questions – Does Eva Air have Wifi?

Does EVA Air have Bluetooth facilities?

You can access and use Bluetooth devices when travelling on EVA Air flights.

Does EVA Air offer free wi-fi services?

EVA Air provides complimentary wi-fi services for 30 minutes for business class, economy class, and premium economy class customers.

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