Does Eva Air Allow Inflatable Foot Rest?

Many prefer an inflatable footrest for a comfortable travel experience, especially during long flights. The soft, comfortable footrest helps keep feet elevated, making your flight journey hassle-free and fulfilling. Now, the main question is, do all airlines allow the carrying of inflatable footrests? Well, not all airlines allow inflatable footrests. Those with restrictions permit some brands only, keeping safety measures in mind. EVA Air is known for providing ample amenities to its customers for a seamless flying experience. So, do they permit inflatable foot rest? That’s what we will discuss in the article that follows. Read on to know more. 

Can You Carry An Inflatable Foot Rest on EVA Air?

EVA Air has a strict policy regarding the baggage and items to carry on flights. You cannot carry dangerous items like sharp objects, knives, tools, scissors, sports goods, etc. Regarding carrying an inflatable footrest on board, EVA isn’t that rigid. You can carry an inflatable footrest in the cabin, though seeking permission from the flight authorities is a mandate. You have to use it after the flight takes off. The footrest shouldn’t be bigger or larger than the permissible weight and dimensions. 

For example, Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business class passengers can carry up to 7 kg or 15 lbs of hand baggage. The permissible dimensions are 23x36x56 (cm) or 9x14x22 (inches), or a total of 115 cm or 45 inches. So, ensure that the inflatable footrest you carry is within that limit. Also, the Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class passengers are allowed two handbags, while those in the Premium Economy and Economy Class can carry only one. So, ensure that when you carry your inflatable footrest, you keep these things in mind. 

Another point to consider while carrying an inflatable footrest is that it mustn’t obstruct the emergency exit or hinder access to the aircraft’s aisle. It shouldn’t restrict seat movement either. If you still have concerns about carrying an inflatable footrest on EVA Air, please contact the customer service agents for further details.


An inflatable footrest on a long haul flight would indeed be a comfortable experience. However, before carrying one on an EVA Air flight, it is always recommended to have a world with the flight authorities to avoid any hassle on board.

FAQsDoes Eva Air Allow Inflatable Foot Rest

What items do EVA Air prohibit?

EVA Air restricts carrying several items on their flight, especially cabin baggage. Ammunition and firearms other than those used for hunting and sporting purposes. Similarly perishable or fragile items of high value like jewelry, money, negotiable papers, electronic devices etc aren’t allowed as checked baggage. Moreover, dangerous items like knives, weapons, flammables such as matches, and lighter fuels, poisonous substances like pesticides etc aren’t allowed either.

Which airlines permit to carry inflatable foot rests?

Some airlines other than EVA where inflatable foot rests are permissible include Air France, Air New Zealand, Emirates, lufthansa, Thai etc.

Does EVA Air have a strict  baggage policy?

Yes EVA Air is strict when it comes to their baggage policy for checked, and carry-on baggages. During boarding the carry-ons will be checked. If it exceeds the permissible limits then it will be send off as a checked baggage. If the new baggage in combination with your previous checked baggage exceeds the permissible weight, you will be charged an excess baggage fee. 

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