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Dubai – a hub of style, fashion, and luxury, has talented beauty influencers, makeup artists, and travel bloggers. They are among the best and the most talented ones the city boasts. In this vibrant, enticing city, let’s look at the trendsetters of the industry who are sure to make a difference in your life. Here, I will mention some of the most talented makeup artists, beauty experts, and travel bloggers the city boasts of. Let’s take a look. 

12 of the Most Prominent Makeup Artist, Beauty, and Travel Blogger in Dubai

  1. Huda Kattan

If we were to introduce Huda Kattan in a line, she’s a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and beauty blogger of American origin. Of the several feathers she has in her cap, one is her brand Huda Beauty. Launched in 2013, the brand has attained immense international acclaim. Even before she started her makeup line, Huda had started beauty blogging, and even her YouTube channel was named Huda Beauty. 

The skincare routines and makeup techniques she highlights are of immense utility. She is immensely popular on Instagram. Her profile, hudabeauty, has 54 M followers to date. She was ranked one on the 2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List. She earned a whopping $1800 for each sponsored content post. Her unique and out-of-the-bix approach makes her stand out from many others. Her work is a blend of tradition and innovation. The false eyelashes, a product of Huda Beauty, gained popularity in the markets. It received more publicity after the Kardashian sisters used the product. 

Huda Kattan, Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Huda Kattan 
Date of Birth 2nd October, 1983
Country Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; she moved to Dubai in 2006 and shifted to Los Angeles, where she studied makeup. 
OccupationMakeup artist, entrepreneur, beauty blogger 
Instagram Profile hudabeauty
Youtube Channel
Official Website
  1. Nilo Haq

Nilo Haq is a renowned makeup artist who has made a mark due to her unique and diverse beauty and makeup skills. Her USP lies in her creativity, reflected through the magnificent beauty and makeup ideas found on her Instagram account. She is a noted bridal and celebrity makeup and hair artist. Nilo Haq has even trained over 2000 students in beauty and makeup. Besides the unique beauty tips she provides, you will also be in awe upon looking at the breathtaking travel spots she presents her opinion on.

Nilo Haq Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Nilo Haq 
Date of Birth 25th April, 1983
OccupationMakeup artist, beauty blogger, travel blogger 
Instagram Profile nilohaq
Official Website
  1. Tamara Al Gabbani

She is a prominent Saudi fashion designer, model, and television personality. She initially worked as a television presenter in Dubai. She is a perfect fashionista and founded the brands Tamara Al Gabbani and House of Glamo. Her collections of abayas, jalabiyas, and evening gowns are impressive indeed. What makes her stand out is the blend of tradition and contemporary, which she tries to infuse into her styles. To be more specific, the looks she creates have a cultural touch and, at the same time, are globally appealing. 

Tamara Al Gabbani Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on  Tamara Al Gabbani 
Country Dubai 
OccupationFashion designer, television personality, model 
Instagram Profile tamaraah
Youtube Channel
  1. Manal Muffin

Manal Muffin is a professional makeup artist. Her practical tips on makeup techniques for maintaining everyday glam are immensely helpful to many. You may visit her Instagram profile to learn tips for glowing skin and other makeup hacks. She even provides you with interesting guidelines on facial and eye makeup. If you wish to add a touch of elegance to your getup, follow her on Instagram. You can also visit her YouTube channel. She will walk you through several informative tutorials like applying contact lenses, DIY masks for acne removal, removing lase hair at home, blackhead removal procedures, etc. 

Manal Muffin Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Manal Muffin 
Date of Birth 23rd August, 1997 
Country Dubai UAE
OccupationMakeup artist, beauty blogger 
Instagram Profile manalmuffin
Youtube Channel
  1. Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is a popular beauty expert and television personality. Her main USP lies in her useful insights on the latest beauty trends, makeup techniques, and skincare tips. Her blogs aren’t only about makeup. Interestingly, she even emphasizes empowerment and self-care. She stresses using makeup as a tool to enhance self-esteem and confidence. Her amazing blogs and valuable insights have made her quite a sensation, with over 20 million followers on Instagram. 

Joelle Mardinian Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Joelle Mardinian 
Date of Birth 27th November, 1977
Country Born in Lebanon, she later moved to Dubai 
OccupationBeauty and Makeup artist 
Instagram Profile 
Youtube Channel
  1. Dalal AlDoub

When it comes to fashion and beauty in the Middle East, Dalal AlDoub’s name comes at the top of the list. She explores diverse makeup styles and products. She also delights us with her fantastic travel content, focusing on luxurious destinations. It even gives us an insight into the various beauty trends across the globe. Her work on fashion and beauty has made her quite popular, garnering over 3 million followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel has many informative tutorials on various aspects of fashion and beauty. 

Dalal AlDoub Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Dalal AlDoub
Date of Birth 2nd April 1986 
Country Kuwait 
OccupationFashion and Beauty Blogger
Instagram Profile dalalid
Youtube Channel
  1. Nina Ubhi

Nina Ubhi is a popular celebrity makeup artist, with bridal makeup being her foray. She produces blogs on diverse beauty-related topics, like hair, skincare, makeup, and lifestyle. Her blogs even have content apart from beauty – travel, and food. On her YouTube channel, Nina Uvi blogs, she gives her audience a sneak peek into some of the finest foreign locations, such as Greece, London, New York City, etc. 

Another YouTube channel, Nina Ubhi, focuses on beauty tutorials. She touches upon useful topics like correcting common makeup mistakes, makeup to try in summer, and popular makeup products a girl needs. 

Nina Ubhi Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Nina Ubhi 
Date of Birth June, 1980 
Country Dubai, UAE 
OccupationCelebrity makeup artist 
Instagram Profile ninaubhi
Youtube Channel
Official Website
  1. Sonia and Fyza Ali

This awesome sister duo has taken the Dubai beauty scene by storm. They excel as makeup artists and have mesmerized the audience with their unique collaborations. They create diverse makeup looks catering to the tastes and preferences of diverse audiences. While Sonia prefers vibrant and bold makeup, Fyza focuses on elegant and soft styles. The end result of these contrasting preferences is unique indeed. Their YouTube channel has many tutorials related to hair, makeup, jewelry, and much more. 

Sonia and Fyza Ali Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Sonia and Fyza Ali 
Date of Birth Sonia Ali – 30th December, 1994Faiza Ali – 22nd August, 1992 
Country Dubai (born and brought up in the United Kingdom)
OccupationMakeup artist (beauty, cosmetic, personal care) 
Instagram Profile soniaxfyza
Youtube Channel
  1. Maya Ahmed

Maya Ahmed is a famed makeup artist known for her unique ability to blend culture and beauty. The makeup look she creates is unique and diverse. It has a tinge of cultural heritage while at the same time having a modern touch. The looks she creates resonate fabulously with all sections of the audience—local and global. There’s quite a craze for Maya, with 1.2M followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel not only highlights various makeup techniques but also has a host of travel blogs. 

Maya Ahmad Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Maya Ahmed 
Date of Birth 14th September, 1993 
Country UAE 
OccupationContent creator, makeup artist 
Instagram Profile themayaahmad
Youtube Channel
  1. Dana Al Tuwarish

Dana Al Tuwarisg is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram. She shares her expertise in beauty and makeup and enthralls the audience with her unique travel experiences. Her content isn’t just creative but engaging, keeping the audience hooked. 

Dana Al Tuwarish Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Dana Al Tuwarish
Country Kuwait 
OccupationFashion, lifestyle blogger 
Instagram Profile daneeda_t
Youtube Channel
  1. Ola Farahat

A beauty enthusiast in Dubai, Ola Faraha is quite popular among the social circle, with over 1 million followers on Instagram. When you visit her YouTube channel, you will find information on fashion and styling. She even shares her experiences about her marriage and pregnancy. Through her blogs, she presents a sneak peek into the glamorous lifestyle of Dubai. 

Ola Farahat Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Ola Farahat  
Date of Birth 26th June 1987 
Country London, Dubai 
OccupationBeauty enthusiast 
Instagram Profile olafarahat
Youtube Channel
  1. Ameni Esseibi

Ameni Esseibi is a famous fashion model and the voice of the Middle East’s plus-size women. As a plus-size model, she attempts to break barriers and dreams of an inclusive society that promotes body positivity. She aims to motivate young Arab women and make them believe they can achieve anything they wish when they have the right mindset and spirit. She tries to highlight the aspect of “less is more through her approach towards fashion and beauty. 

Ameni Essebi Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Detailed Information on Ameni Esseibi 
Date of Birth 20th January, 1999 
Country Dubai, UAE 
OccupationModel, fashion, and beauty enthusiast 
Instagram Profile ameniesseibi

Some More Popular Beauty and Travel Bloggers in Dubai

  1. Layla Akil

Layla Akil has made her mark as a fashion designer and a beauty expert. Through her beauty vlogging, she gives valuable tips on makeup tutorials, skincare, and more. Her sense of wit is amazing, and she presents helpful beauty tips with a tinge of humor.

Layla Akil Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

  1. Sarah Angius

Sarah Angius is quite a hit, with more than 3 million followers on Instagram. She’s a makeup artist and a hairstylist as well. When you visit her YouTube channel, you’ll get many helpful tutorials on making a perfect bun, bridal hairstyle, eyebrow tutorials, ways to handle frizzy hair, and more. 

Sarah Angius Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

  1. Tala Samman

Tala Samman’s blogs perfectly mix beauty and fashion. The unique makeup looks she creates perfectly complement her magnificent outfits. Her Instagram account exemplifies her amazing fashion sense through the chic yet elegant outfits presented in every post. 

Tala Samman Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

  1. Fatma Husam

Fatma Husam captures the beauty trends of Dubai and the world. Her informative blogs provide detailed insight into local and global beauty trends—a unique experience indeed. Through her fabulous makeup artistry, she attempts to bridge cultural gaps. 

  1. Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan is an international celebrity and beauty blogger based in Kuwait. With over 3 million viewers on Instagram, she has shown her versatility as a makeup artist. The makeup looks she creates range from romantic and soft to striking and bold, complementing various moods and occasions. 

Sondos Alqattan Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

  1. Mariyah Gaspacho

Mariyah Gaspacho’s makeup techniques signify her versatility. On the one hand, she devises avant-garde makeup techniques; on the other hand, she even presents us with makeup styles for day-to-day use. Her makeup styles will also benefit those looking for something unique and out-of-the-box. 

  1. Zahra Lyla

Zahra Lyla specializes in unique and creative experimental makeup. Her Instagram profile offers informative content on stylish clothes, makeup, bags, and more. 

  1. Caren William

Caren William is a renowned beauty blogger from Dubai. She has immense expertise in skincare, beauty products, and makeup. She continues offering engaging content to her audience on social platforms by sharing tutorials, tips, and product reviews. The detailed explanations, teamed with high-quality visuals, help the audience easily understand her content. She keeps collaborating with several beauty brands, promoting their products on Instagram. In this way, she shares various offers and discounts with the audience for their convenience. 

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  1. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar, a Dubai-based beauty blogger, provides valuable makeup tips on her website. She started as a makeup consultant and later became a successful model. Besides beauty and makeup, which is her forte, she has even excelled as a travel blogger, adding another feather to her cap. Her YouTube channel gives insight into makeup tutorials, eyeliner makeup, and more. She is quite popular on Instagram. 

Diana Chipar Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

  1. Aliya Fatima

Aliya Fatima is another renowned makeup artist in Dubai. Her makeup techniques align with recent trends, particularly long lashes, which have garnered immense popularity lately. Her sunset eye looks have been greatly appreciated. Besides her interest in beauty and cosmetics, Aliya has a knack for traveling and enjoys exploring the world’s beauty. 


So, these are some of Dubai’s popular beauty, makeup, travel, and fashion bloggers. Each of them has a unique style that makes them stand out from the rest. Their creativity has taken the fashion scene in Dubai to another level.

FAQs – Best Makeup Artist Beauty

What do makeup artists in Dubai charge?

The makeup artists in Dubai charge quite a bit. For party makeup, the average price may be 3000 -5000 INR (35.99 USD – 59.88 USD). Celebrity makeup artists may charge about 10,000 INR (119.75 USD).

Where does Nina Ubhi stay? Is she married?

Nina Ubhi, a celebrated international makeup artist, resides in Dubai, UAE. Yes, she is married. Her husband, Bobby, has been instrumental in helping her establish her brand successfully.

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